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How Love-able is your Brand?

To compete and win in today’s digital, social economy, a brand must win hearts and minds – one customer, one click at a time.
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Winning Hearts and Minds to Build a Sustainable Brand
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Time flies when you’re doing what you love!

We make you the superstar!

We have been helping businesses and brands throughout North America differentiate themselves from competitors and grow market share with innovative Brand Strategy, E-Business , SEO, Social Media, expertly Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Consulting, Services and Training since 2001.


We Blaze the Trail Others Follow

Karner Blue Marketing leads the industry in innovation and application. We are continually testing, adapting and improving ethical methods that never put our clients at risk.  In fact,   Google recently validated a  marketing approach and White Hat SEO to create high-quality websites that are rewarded by Google algorithm, even amidst aggressive algorithm updates; Caffeine, Panda and Penguin that frequently penalize brand websites. A topic covered in the book Million Dollar Websites: Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite in E-Business, Design, SEO, Usability, Social, Mobile and Conversion, authored by our CEO, Rebecca Murtagh.


Karner Blue Marketing has ALWAYS approached all extensions of the brand, including SEO, social media, e-business, website optimization  as functions of marketing. We are masters at fully leveraging the relationship between owned, earned and paid media for optimum visibility, clicks and conversion – which is exactly what makes us uniquely effective compared to other firms offering similar services.

Simply put, we blaze the trail that others ultimately follow, often years later. Why does this matter to your brand?
We help brands leverage emerging opportunities and proven methods to be market-leaders and deliver measurable results.


Our mission is to help our clients leverage emerging trends to grow market share, by winning hearts and minds – one customer, one click at a time!


Today’s Social, Digital Economy

Your business or brand operates in a digital, social economy – with or without your engagement. We help clients understand the landscape in which they compete, and lead the charge in helping them embrace and leverage opportunities most other firms overlook.


Driven by Results

Unlike organizations driven by glory, billable hours, awards or lots of glitzy self-promotion, Karner Blue Marketing is driven by measurable results. While agencies and companies sell with hype and buzz words, we are diligently helping clients leverage the digital and social landscape they compete in every day. Led by internationally-recognized expert, author and CEO, Rebecca Murtagh, Karner Blue Marketing is the best choice for organizations serious about competing and building sustainable brands.


Holistic, Integrated Marketing Approach

Unlike firms that hang their hat on one function (SEO, Website Design, Social Media) we are known for helping brands leverage (or create) a compelling brand story to artfully leverage the ever-changing marketplace to build audiences, promote brand awareness, visibility, clicks and conversion.


Your Virtual Marketing Partner

We understand the digital space, where most brand interaction now occurs, better than most service providers, which is why we work directly with executive leadership, in-house teams, as well as the website design firms, agencies, programmers and webmasters they hire, to develop strategies that differentiate the brand from competitors and fully leverage all brand assets to serve the mission. And, unlike firms that put their revenue goals ahead of those of their clients, we serve as a virtual extension of our client’s internal team, helping them pull it all together in the most effective, cost-efficient way, to achieve optimum results and ROI.
We Deliver RESULTS!


Ethical, Passionate and Driven By Results

We leverage best practices to help brands seize opportunities created by the digital, social landscape they compete in. Learn more about Karner Blue Marketing ‘s philosophy.

Ethical,  PROVEN Search Engine, Social Media and Internet Marketing Methods Promote Visibility, Clicks, Conversion, and ROI with:


Experienced Marketing Consultants, Expert Trainers and Service Providers to:

Enterprise, multinational brands, start-ups in all phases of funding, small Business, In-house teams, and to the trade (agencies, marketing firms, designers, website companies, etc.)

Our success is achieved through your success.
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Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite with Million Dollar Websites by Rebecca Murtagh.

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