It never fails…we achieve top Google rankings for a client and they suddenly decide they no longer need SEO…when really, they need to be diligent with their SEO efforts more than ever…here’s why:

1. Search Algorithms Change
It is inevitable that the algorithms that determine who gets #1, #2, #3 rank position will change…frequently and without notice. If your website is not optimized using proven methods, your website very well could disappear from top Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN rankings. I’ve seen SEO specialists and experts scramble in panic because they did not fully optimize the client’s website. They chose to focus soley on the aspect they found to be heavily weighted at the time…perhaps meta title or description, only to see rankings plummet upon the stealth release of the newest algorithm…don’t let this happen to you!

2. Site Additions Can Dilute SEO
With all the CMS based websites out there and the addition of press releases, news, articles and updated content, it doesn’t take long for an unknowing webmaster or writer to undo all that the search engine optimization of the website has achieved over time. If you are not optimizing every addition and modification to the website in the same manner that the SEO of the site was performed…you are essentially diluting your website.

3. Cheaper to Maintain SEO Than Optimize Again.
Many businesses seek to terminate their SEO efforts once they have acheived top rankings. The false sense of confidence a top ranking can bring can tempt you to terminate all SEO efforts. However, keep in mind…if you were not at the top and have achieve top rankings on search engine results you have effectively knocked someone from that position. Much like the “king of the hill” game played on the playground…the company that enjoyed that former rank is extremely likely to want that top position back. (in fact you can count on it!) So, you are now the target of someone else’s increased SEO effort. If you are not prepared to sustain and continue SEO efforts, you must be prepared to fall in search engine rankings.

4. SEO Methods Vary
There are many ways to optimize a website for search engines. Some SEO specialists and firms will fixate on the heavy-weighting components, willing to scramble to figure out how to optimize the site when search engine algorithms change…other SEO firms will take a more holistic approach, seeking to sustain SEO performance despite algorithm changes. This is how my firm approaches SEO designed to sustain algorithm changes.  No matter how the site is optimized, it is imperative that if that method has acheived desired performance (top ranking search engin visiblity to target audiences, clicks, new visitors, conversion, etc.) than that same method should be used to sustain and maintain the SEO of the website for the best possible results.

5. Your Company Changes, so Shall Your SEO
I can’t count the numbers of small to medium sized enterprises and business, even smaller corporations who will change or add business models, products and/or services…but never adapt the online extension of the business, the website to support those changes. The search engine performance of your website will change, with or without your proactive optimization. If you fail to optimize to support these changes, it is highly likely you will lose business opportunities. If you do seach engine optimize the site, you are more likely to support these new initiatives.

It is imperative that SEO be monitored and continually optimized if you wish to achieve and maintain top search engine rankings. It is far more cost efficient and effective to search engine optimize the website and sustain performing SEO efforts with a maintenance program than to attempt to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch or optimize in phases.

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