Timely Social Media Response, Or Lack Thereof Can Damage Your Credibility

We follow organizations, companies and individuals around the world. One of the most alarming, if not downright dangerous, is the lack of attention organizations are giving to their social media accounts.

For example, this morning a Twitter DM (direct message) was sent from a local Chamber of Commerce that said something like “you look funny in this picture” and of course had links…which are SPAM and highly likely instantly drop undesirable malware and code on your system.

Out of courtesy, a direct message was sent to the Twitter account to let them know they’d been hacked and that they probably want to change their password. No reply.

A few hours later, a SECOND Twitter DM from the same Chamber of Commerce account expressed they were female, 24 and had a link to “chat” with a URL that was suggestive. So, we called the Chamber of Commerce.

We explained to the receptionist why we were calling, she explained that they’d become aware because a couple of people had let them know…and that the person working on Twitter was in a morning  meeting (it was now afternoon) and that she knew about it and was going to work on it later in the day. After offering a suggestion on how to easily correct the problem, we were politely thanked for the call.


Realistically, the Chamber of Commerce may not think this is a big deal because they only have 65 followers. But, what if every follower received one of these messages and unfollowed?

If you are going to enter the world of Social Media, you must be prepared to engage, respond and manage.

How importat you view your social media account is not nearly as important as how your friends and followers view it. It does not matter if you are promoting your business, organization, an idea, or yourself. Once you have a social media account, you are having an ongoing, live dialogue with the world.

Everything you do, or don’t do, directly reflects on your organization and its credibility. Be proactive!

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