Brands must win hearts and minds

Karner Blue Marketing Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Founded in 2001 by Rebecca Murtagh, Karner Blue Marketing has adapted as the business landscape has evolved.

You could say, this award-winning marketing firm practices what it preaches. The firm has adapted to the emerging trends and competitive landscape over the years; demonstrating to clients exactly what it takes to compete in an ever-changing business environment.

The firm began as a marketing firm with specialization in brand strategy, e-Business, website design & development, internet marketing and SEO. The digital space became increasingly important to the success of brands.

Adapting to Emerging Trends

In 2006, in response to increasing requests from clients with agency of record, in-house teams, and/or vendors that lacked the experience, strategy and optimization skills, Karner Blue Marketing ceased web development operations in order to provide the high-level leadership and in-depth expertise needed to help clients get the most from their teams.

The focus became digital marketing – essentially optimizing all online activity of brands and businesses, complimented by corporate training and executive coaching to help entrepreneurs in areas they would benefit from the most.

Full CircleBrands must win hearts and minds

In 2013, Digital Marketing has essentially evolved into just plain “Marketing” simply because no brand can compete in win in today’s digital, social economy without strategically leveraging the internet.

The focus is now on helping businesses define their business and brand marketing strategy – who they are and how they will differentiate themselves from competitors. As trail-blazers in the digital space, Karner Blue Marketing helps organizations better understand the space in which they compete and build a strategy to leverage today’s marketplace proactively, balancing innovation with best practices and proven methods.

Karner Blue Marketing helps organizations grow market share, by win hearts and minds, one click, one customer at a time.


“I am extremely grateful to the many clients who have chosen Karner Blue Marketing as their Virtual Marketing Partner over the years”, says Rebecca Murtagh, CEO and Chief Strategist of Karner Blue Marketing, “I am excited to see what the future will bring!”

To celebrate its 12 Anniversary in business, Karner Blue Marketing has released a Free ebook
5 Reasons Why Winning Hearts and Minds Will Determine Success of a Brand
by CEO Rebecca Murtagh.

(download of ebook available from right column)

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