Karner Blue Marketing, known for advanced methods in SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing, is driven by ethical, results-driven principles.

Karner Blue Marketing is a marketing firm, first and foremost.

We are driven by results.

Unlike advertising agencies that are often driven by awards and hourly billing, Karner Blue Marketing develops custom solutions according to the needs of each client, based on their goals, resources and best possible path for generating desired results, based on our many years of experience.

Marketing is a long term process.

Unlike the project-driven approach of website design and development, Karner Blue Marketing approaches each client solution and relationship with long-term results in mind.

We focus on the best interest of the client, always.Your Virtual Marketing Partner!

Our many years of experience allows us to be direct and honest when recommending e-business, search engine, social media and internet marketing solutions to our clients. Everything we do is based on what we believe to be the most effective approach to achieving immediate and long term results.

Marketing is the core of everything we do.

Some people refer to us as “SEO’s” , social media experts or internet marketers. Every marketing solution we develop is designed around leveraging platforms, consumer behavior, best practices and our own proven methodologies to deliver measurable results to our clients. We take pride in our ability to deliver results, and use data to validate performance and continually improve as the internet marketplace evolves.

Ethical Marketing Experts

Karner Blue Marketing adheres to high standards of professional conduct and ethical practice. We adhere to the SEO Code of Ethics in providing “White Hat SEO” and approach every aspect of our marketing firm with integrity and passion to develop a trusted relationship with our clients.

White Hat Approach

We know that in the world of internet, search engine and social media, these qualities are not always appreciated, as some businesses will do anything to get to the top. We know, however, that over time, an ethical approach will always achieve better results over time, especially when it comes to ranking with Google and achieving real, sustainable results over time. We do not Guarantee #1 position on Google, even Google warns against falling for such claims. However we do achieve and sustain top search engine visibility for our clients, driving clicks and conversion that positively impact their bottom line.