Albany NY-Albany SEO Expert Rebecca Murtagh has an internet marketing services company that encounters the same request from every imaginable type of business, size and industry….”How do we know if our website is really optimized for search?”

Truth is, Albany NY companies are just now realizing that they may not be getting the results they should be. Most website and “SEO” service firms selling “optimization” services really don’t understand what SEO really is, and shouldn’t be charging for it. Many  many web design, development, marketing and advertising firms have plugged in keywords and called it SEO.  They may even believe in their hearts that they are providing SEO. Those who have attempted to learn are the first to defer to an expert. They realize how high the learning curve is and will actively seek an SEO firm like Albany NY based Karner Blue Marketing to partner with…and everyone wins.
As their client watches their competitor dominate their position online, they know it isn’t working, the relationship is tarnished because they feel “snookered”, and they go on to seek the real thing.

When a company believes they have paid for SEO as part of their website design service, often paying monthly fees, only to determine the website just doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job to bring in new business…they are not only unhappy…they are desparate.  They have typically been burned by 1, 2, sometimes 3 other “SEO FIRMS” and have become highly skeptical, and rightfully so. The website MUST deliver results in order for the business to realize ROI from the website.

Is your website truly optimized? If you want your website support your business online,
here are some tips on how to avoid common SEO mistakes.

And, if you’re not sure, don’t let it go for months hoping Google will eventually breathe life into your rankings. It may be more cost effective to seek the assistance of an internet marketing expert, even if just to provide an analysis on how well your website is search engine optimized.

If after 4-6 weeks of launching your website and being indexed by Google, you have not achieved top ranking to reach your target audiences using the keywords they are using to find your product, service or information, your competitor IS getting the business, and you probably need to rebuild your SEO strategy…doing so could be the most effective investment you’ll make this year.

2 thoughts on “Albany NY SEO Expert: Demand ROI from SEO Firms

  1. This is a very good article, We at Rank on Top, Inc. ( internet marketing, Minneapolis, minnesota) run into this alot. We are licensed and insured and are an s corp and it serves to our benifit to prove we are a reputable. We can usually bring a non existant website and within 3-4 weeks can rank at leats a three, with just using basic seo and web 2.0 marketing.

  2. Great Post, When a client takes a subscription with AK Designs SEO ( I tell them from the out set although results are not gaurenteed, if we cannot or do not reach the targets we set out we will give them a proportion (if not all) of their money back.

    The reason we offer this is because we know what we can achieve on each site as we review each site before signing it up to any type of work.

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