Bing to Integrate Facebook “Like” Social Media Feedback in Search Results and What it Means to Your BusinessBing to Use Facebook Like Buttons in Organic Search Engine Results


Bing and Facebook have just gotten a little cozier with the announcement that they will be integrating “social signals” in to search engine results, soon to be followed by personal results. Essentially meaning, they will be connecting the dots between social and search much like Google has in recent months to present a more “personalized search” experience.

Bing Makes Having a Facebook Page Imperative for Businesses

For those businesses who have chosen to write off social media, this integration of social and search, compounded by the relationship between Google and Twitter, may make it increasingly difficult to compete in organic search without being social.

Social Media Recommendations Influence Customer Buying Decisions

Studies have proven that consumers will listen to recommendations from friends and even strangers via social media over paid advertising. This step taken by Bing to incorporate Facebook social feedback brings the feedback of others to the forefront of search, and likely to influence which organic result a consumer clicks on…and which website has the best chance of getting the “sale” (conversion).

Bing to Introduce More “Personalized Results”

Similar to being logged in to Google accounts and Google making decisions about what search results are most relevant to that user…Bing will now use your Facebook account to present what it believes you are most likely to want to see in organic search. Users must be logged in to Facebook in order for Bing Search to deliver “personalized results” in search.

We have been saying this for months and it is more true than ever…

Social and Search are Forever Intertwined

Does your business leverage Social Media?
Are you competing in organic search effectively?

If not, this may be the time to consider doing so…or you may need to become comfortable with losing search oriented customers to your competitors.

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