There is such media coverage and social pressure around people getting in to the social media game, that many jump on without really thinking it through. So, let’s address some of the most common questions from people and businesses entering Social Media Platforms for the first time.

Should You Create a Personal or Business Social Media Account, or Both?

The answer is always BOTH! Here’s why:

Creating a Business Social Media Account

A business Social Media Account involves brand and reputation management more than in a personal account. Everything posted should be consistent with the company’s mission, goals, promotions, etc. Social dialogue is still very important to the success of the social media account. However, it shouldn’t necessarily be tied to a person, unless you are 100% sure that person will never leave…or when they do, you have created a legacy issue to overcome at a later date.

As a Search Engine Optimization and Marketing expert, I would be remiss in noting that EVERYTHING in social media is searchable, either by the social platform itself, search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, or both.

3 Tips for Business Social Media Accounts:

  1. Use Your Company Name (not arbitrary characters)
  2. Be True to Your Brand
  3. Engage with people, but try to stay away from unrelated politics, religion, personal preferences and opinions that could polarize or alienate customers.

Creating a Personal Social Media Account

A personal account is meant to promote personal dialogue with others. This is probably the only place you should be talking about your personal life, what you drank last night (or how much) and how you feel about other people, businesses, products and brands. If you absolutely must let off steam, here is where you do it. Although, word to the wise, everything you post in a tweet, update or website comment is out there…forever, even if you choose to delete it.

One mistake often made is a marketing professional that “Tweets” only as the company they work for. They’ve developed relationships, but when they change positions, companies or locations, those relationships are lost! Be sure to balance between business and social accounts if you value the relationships you’ve worked so hard to cultivate!

3 Tips for Personal Social Media Accounts

  1. Use Your Real Name, or Personal Brand if you WANT to be found…omit it if you want to remain anonymous (but then what’s the point of using social media?)
  2. Keep in mind everything you post reflects on you personally, forever.
  3. Maintain a personal Social Media Account, even if you are the voice behind a Business Social Media Account. You may not always be affiliated with that organization, and your personal presence on Social Media is likely to far extend your professional career.

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