I’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Ireland with a luxury-travel client. The trip was full of introductions, casual conversations, formal dinners, sales presentations and lots of informal interaction.

In a down economy, or in the height of economic growth, it is still people who make decisions about what consultants, companies or vendors they will forge business relationships with.

Among a diverse group of professionals, one common thread became dominant…Those who had forged business relationships earlier were fiercly loyal and happy to share their experiences with others. Those who were being introduced to new business opportunities most definitely cared more about the PEOPLE behind the business than anything else. They wanted to know they could trust that professional or company to respect, and further, their success with each sale…whether it be a product or service.

We all learn this and many of us live our day-to-day lives and businesses with genuine interest and passion for doing the right thing and delivering what we promise to our clients. However, because I was exposed to professionals from across North America with a wide variety of backgrounds, this was a fabulous reminder of why people choose WHO they will do business with.

My trip included interaction with 5 Star luxury property owners and management teams, among other travel professionals. I found that given the opportunity to relate to them on a personal level was significantly meaningful in establishing a friendly, warm and open dialogue. I was able to engage them on a personal level, because they knew I cared about a mutually beneficial, quality outcome from our efforts. Most hugged and kissed me upon my departure. Of course, culture will always play a part in how familiar your relationship with a business person will be. And, the Irish are known for their warm and friendly spirit…but I must say I have clients across the North America who treat me like family…and whom I am proud to work with.

Think about it…given 2 businesses with the similar qualifications, would you choose the one that sold you and could care less about your success, or the one that has “adopted” your business, clients and success as a measure of their own and is driven to help you succeed?

I hope this reminds you of why people will choose to work with you today. Let your passion shine through and let people see who you really are and what you care about.

Do you find being genuine and invested in your clients easy and profitable?
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One thought on “Clients Choose Business Partners and Vendors Who Are Passionate

  1. Harold

    Very nice article and one worth taking to heart. As consultants or sales people in general, all too often we pursue new business accounts with a “what’s in it for me” attitude and $$ signs floating around in our heads, without taking time to actually know the client and what his/her business needs are. I’m guilty of this as well and this article will help me to refocus. Nice read.

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