It  happens every day. A copywriter creates beautiful, compelling marketing copy that is then pushed through the corporate review process…first to the marketing manager, then to the director, then to the VP, possibly the company president, back through another round of edits and then it is presented to the website designer or webmaster to be pasted into the website.

Copying Marketing Copy to Website Content is one of the biggest copywriting mistakes you can make…here’s why:

1. People don’t consume content on the internet the way they will read offline marketing material, such brochures, reports or ads.

On the internet, you have only seconds to engage the user and prompt them to act, whether it be to another page, pick up the phone, or respond to a call to action on the site via form, survey or sale.

How To Translate Offline Copy to Website Content:

  • Break content into bite-sized pieces.
  • Leave white space to allow the eye to find what they are interested in reading.
  • Use the interactivity of websites to let the reader continue the “pre-qualifying” process by giving them choices.
  • Integrate interactive calls to action.

Remember, the Internet is a highly interactive medium that we have truly just begun to leverage. The more control you give the reader in consuming the content, the more relevant their experience will be on your website…And the easier it will be to convert them from a visitor to a customer!

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  2. Thanks for your marketing tips. I need to break my content into bite sized pieces as you mention.

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