Social Media Marketing Training On the Rise

Social Media Training has become a powerful tool in the development and execution of corporate marketing strategy.

Social Media is vital to every organization and individual with a brand. From municipalities to consumer brands, to political candidates to corporate marketing staff, the ins and outs of social media are attracting the minds, hearts and marketing dollars as the industry continues to grow exponentially.

Social Media Attracting More Marketing Budget Allocation

One of the fastest-growing aspects of the integrated marketing plan is social media. In fact 70% of marketers plan to increase their budget allocation to social media by at least 10% in 2011 according to a recent study conducted by Mashable and Effie Worldwide that included marketing professionals from companies like Bank of America, Colgate Palmolive and Mini USA.

Effective Social Media Marketing Training Develops Behavior Over Mechanics

Of course most organizations enter social media training expecting to achieve measurable results. After all, what good is investing the money if there is no return?
The most effective social media training will deliver proven methods that the organization deploy immediately and adapt to the goals of their organization over time.

There is no shortage of companies claiming to provide social media training services. It will be their ability to cultivate behavior from the humans engaging in social media marketing efforts on behalf of the company that will determine true success and return on the investment in training.

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