E-Business Strategy and Website Planning is Our SpecialtyIsn’t E-Business Strategy Just for Fortune 500 Companies?

No. In fact, every brand or business that has a website should begin with an E-Business Strategy.

Do You Need an E-Business Strategy?

Most organizations do not even have E-Business Strategy on their radar when they begin to plan or build a new website. Its not a term frequently used in the industry because website designers, developers and SEO firms are not in the business of building strategic business assets. They are in the business of executing your vision. So, what happens when you haven’t articulated them?
Well, you’ve heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” or “too many chiefs and not enough Indians?” The same could be said about your website if you do not own the process.


Leverage Expertise to Make Good, Informed Decisions in Every Step of the Website Process

Before you invest a single minute talking about a new website design, you should be developing an E-Business strategy. This is difficult for most organizations because they address the website only every 1,2,3 or more years.

So, the depth of knowledge they have to draw from to make informed decisions is often not enough to drive the strategy. So, they end up deferring to the vendors that will build or design the website. Problem is, to them it is a project that has a beginning and an end. To you, the true measure of the website will be after the website has gone live. You must own the website process from beginning to end.


3 Ways to Determine Whether you Need an E-Business Strategy

  1. Do you expect your website to deliver any measurable result after it goes live?
  2. Do you expect your website to compete and achieve visibility in search engines to YOUR customers, ready to pre-qualify clicks and promote conversion?
  3. Will you know how to articulate the requirements of the website to your team effectively so they may support your vision and deliver exactly what your organization needs to succeed (whether in-house, outsourced, led by an expert consultant, or some combination thereof)?


If the answer is yes to any one, or all of these questions, you must begin the website design or redesign process with strategy. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance from a qualified expert, and be successful!



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