5 Reasons Why Winning Hearts and Minds Will Determine Success of a BrandDownload Rebecca Murtagh's recent ebook, Free!

a Free eBook written by CEO, Rebecca Murtagh, author of Million Dollar Websites: Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite.

The Future is Now.

Brands operating on the fundamentals of traditional marketing only will fall by the wayside if they fail to recognize the power of the individual in today’s social and economic landscape. Rebecca Murtagh presents five compelling reasons for the shift from marketing to the masses, to marketing to the individual.

Winning Hearts and Minds – One Customer, One Click at a Time

This mini-ebook packs a punch, laying out five key concepts in an easy-to-read format.

Chapter 1: Visibility in Search Only Counts When You Win the Click

Chapter 2: Infatuation vs. Love Affair

Chapter 3: Meet [Qualified] Customers – Wherever They Are

Chapter 4: The Roles of Owned, Earned and Paid Media

Chapter 5: Earning Love from Humans & Search Engines

Whether you are building a brand, managing a brand, or promoting your own brand, you can ramp-up your perspective to be better prepared to compete and win with insight provided in less than 20 powerful pages.

Download Your Free eBook on the Future of Brands in Today’s Digital, Social Economy Today!

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