Strategic Social Marketing Can Cut Through Competitive Clutter

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become so much more about “having” a social media account. Once you’ve created the account, it can an should be, far more than merely reserving your brand’s name as a profile. There is much to be gained when your business is in a competitive marketplace. (and whose isn’t?)

Social Media profiles and updates are visible to search engines like Google, Bing (and others are likely to follow). Social media platforms offer more than a place to post 140 character messages to answer the question “what are you doing?” They offer a fast-paced enviornment by which you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

Because many companies and corporations are still shying away from social media, being the first, or even just being there can differentiate you from your competitors. Being early to embrace social media marketing, adds value and helps you cut through the clutter.

This is reminiscent of when companies began building corporate websites. The early-adopters in each industry were the winners in most categories. Why? Because they demonstrated agility and desire to meet their customers wherever they were…The Internet!

How will your organization be rewarded if you adopt a forward-thinking social marketing mindset?

Organic results are where most people click, but if your social media presence is not optimized it won’t matter how active your account is…your social media efforts will be “invisible” to the search engines and you will likely miss out on this valuable aspect of social media marketing.

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