Can Social Media Marketing on Twitter Pay off for Business?

Making the Case for Social Media Marketing on Twitter for Skeptical Executives and Marketers

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have yet to prove themselves worthy of attention. Most organizations state Social Media Marketing will be an important part of their marketing effort in 2010, yet few know what, if any, results to expect.

The brand leaders that have forged into the social media space actually are seeing tangible, measurable results from their investment in Social Media Marketing.

Dell Earned $6.5 Million Dollars From Twitter Sales as of December 2009

Dell reported in December 2009 that they’d earned $6.5 million in revenue from Twitter, the highly popular microblogging social media website that features 140 character messages.

Dell used Twitter to post coupons, announce new Dell products and drive traffic to the Dell outlet store. The revenue generated be Dell on Twitter directly reflects the increase in consumer / customer behavior on social media websites.

  • The first $1 million: It took 18 months for Dell to sell their first $1 million from Twitter.
  • The secon $1 million: Dell earned $1 million in the 6 months between January to June 2009 – reflecting the same time frame that Dell has experienced explosive growth.
  • The third $1 million: Dell earned an additional $1 million from people visited Twitter, clicked off to the Dell Outlet, then to and then made a purchase.

Many other businesses are successfully promoting their brand, products and services on Twitter for results that impact the bottom line.

How to justify your organization’s investment in Twitter – and social media marketing:

  1. The sooner you ramp up, the sooner you are likely to build a presence significant enough to generate results.
  2. Because social media platforms like Twitter have experienced explosive growth in unique visitors over the past 6 months, chances are your customers and clients are using social media platforms – you just have to know how to reach them.
  3. Approach SMM (social media marketing) strategically. Social media audiences are savvy internet users and there are “rules” for communication and best practices to reach and leverage social media relationships.
  4. Despite perception, Social Media is not for kids. Twitter demographics show that 52% of Twitter users are age 35 and older.