Social Media Rules of Engagement For Corporations and Businesses

Like most businesses, you have may added Social Media Marketing (SMM) to your list of marketing objectives for next year. You are in very good company if you are not quite sure, yet, what that really means.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices:

  1. Be true To Your Brand. Be Consistent about who, and what you are on social platforms, just as you are with marketing, advertising and public relations activity.  Being social doesn’t mean abandoning your corporate brand, value proposition or mode of communication. Social media marketing should be an extension of your company and overall integrated marketing strategy…manage it accordingly.
  2. Obey the rules of the land. Social media land has its own protocols, as does each platform and how they will treat your interaction, cooperate with search engines and ultimately offer a return on the investment you will make in time and energy to deploy your social media strategy. Complying to written (Terms of Service) and unwritten (socially acceptable behavior accepted by the masses) will greatly improve results potential.
  3. Fully Leverage Search. Your social media marketing campaign should be considered a function of your online marketing efforts. As such you must regognize that SOCIAL MEDIA IS ALL ABOUT SEARCH! Social media is tightly integrated with SEO so search engine optimization of your social media profile, updates and activity will deliver additional benefits that are vital to achieve full potential from your social media campaign.
  4. Diligence is key. Studies show that only those who nurture their social media network will actually reap the rewards that social marketing offer. It will require a significant time to learn, plan, deploy and then manage your social media campaign over time. If you do not have the time or patience, hire an expert or firm to do it for you…you will win from a time, money and sanity perspective.
  5. Measure Performance. One sure way to know if you are resonating with your audience is to track performance. Be sure to monitor activity on the social media platfom AS WELL AS the activity of those visitors on your website, blog, microsite, store, etc. Use anlaytics programs to measure online activity and unique promotion codes to measure offline response.
  6. Be Socally Strategic. Use the 4 P’s of Social Media Marketing to guide your social media strategy and deployment.