Social Media, Search Engines and Real-Time Search Interact To Create Unique Opportunities

Because search engines only includes social media marketing efforts in organic or natural search results, what they find in your social media profile, updates, content or tweets will determine search engine visibility.

Organic results are where most people click, but if your social media presence is not optimized it won’t matter how active your account is…your social media efforts will be “invisible” to the search engines and you will likely miss out on this valuable aspect of social media marketing.

Wonder why SEO seems to revolve around search engine Google?
Read: Google Dominates Search, How Important is Social Media to Google? Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been identified by most businesses as part of their marketing priorities for 2010 and beyond. Few know what they will do, or how they will leverage the time and energy invested into social media marketing into revenue, but they have hope based on how effective social media has been for some highly-visible companies.