You’ve invested time and money and countless resources into developing your website as an online extension of your business.
Find out how effectively your website REALLY is.

The Website Check Up - Quick, Easy and Absolutely Free!

Karner Blue Marketing is the creator of the

Highly popular Free Web Site Check Up

Want to determine how well your website is supporting your business goals?…Take the Website Checkup!

Quick, Easy and Absolutely Free!

Receive your Website Check Up score along with free tips instantly via email.
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The Website Checkup objectively assesses how well your website is performing and provides a score, along with comments and tips on how to improve website performance.


How Does the Website Check Up Work?

Simply answer the few questions. We will calculate your website’s “score” and instantly deliver it to you via email, along with feedback and recommendations based on your answers.


This brief survey is quick, informative and absolutely FREE!

Finding out how well your website is supporting your goals is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with The Website Checkup!

  1. Click to take The Website Check Up Now!
  2. Click your answers to 15 questions.
  3. Receive your web site’s score along with some tips and suggestions from our experts on how to optimize your web site’s performance.

Join the thousands of webmasters, marketers and business owners that have taken advantage of this valuable tool.


Your score will be sent to the email address you submit within minutes of submission.


Use the Website Check Up For All Of Your Websites

Have more than one website? You are welcome to take The Website Checkup for every site you own.
Go to the web site check up now!


We are not responsible for delivery to incorrect email addresses, so please be sure to enter it accurately. All of your information is confidential. We respect your privacy. Your email address will never be sold or shared with outside parties.

The website checkup is meant to be an informative tool. A more complete analysis may be required to determine full performance of your website and course of action to optimize and improve search engines, visibility, clicks and conversion performance.

Please contact us if we may be of assistance in helping you leverage your website to support your immediate and long-term goals.

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