September 11, 2010

Is Google Instant an SEO Game Changer?How Google Instant Changes SEO

Some believe SEO is futile in the midst of Google Instant, or even obsolete. This could not be further from the truth. Google search is increasing the speed and volume of search, which requires SEO to be more strategic than ever.

Google Instant Streams Search Engine Results in Real-Time

True, the search engine landscape is changing…but when hasn’t it? Instead of generating one page of static HTML results based on a keywords and predictions, Google Instant streams results in real-time as you further define your search. Learn more about how Google Instant works.

During the Google Instant launch, Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin confirmed that with Google Instant, SEO will basically stay the same,  it simply adapts to behavior.

Google Instant Displays Higher Volume of Results With Every Letter Typed

As Google Instant is initially being touted for its speed for users, essentially reducing search time 2 to 5 seconds per search with real-time display of results as each letter is typed. Google Instant accelerates the volume of organic search engine results (and paid ads) viewed by the user by 20, at least in theory.

Google Instant Multiplies Search Results Viewed by 20

If the average search is based on 20 characters, and Google Instant will attempt to refresh search results with every letter added to the search engine query, then you could expect there to be up to 20 different displays of search engine results, based on Google’s aggregation of historical searches and “common completions” to bring you what it thinks you are looking for, as you type it.

How Google Instant Will Affect SEO

Google Instant will impact organic search engine results because it is generating organic search engine results in real time with every letter typed…flashing organic and paid search engine results before the users eye until they see what they were looking for.

Marissa Mayer, Google VP of Search Products and User Experience explains…

Google Instant Streaming Search Makes SEO More Competitive

Although there are more search engine results to consider, as qualifying keywords are added they will continue to produce more relevant results. Websites that have appeared in specific keyword results on Google will continue to do so, just faster.

Being in the Top 3 to 5 Organic Results on Google Just Become More Important Than Ever

Because search engine results are presented in real-time with every letter entered into the search box, organic search results at the bottom of the page are less likely to be reviewed as possible results, therefore invisible. It will be the websites holding the top 3 to 5 Google organic search engine results for multiple keywords and phrases that will weather this new search experience the best.

Google Instant and Long Tail SEO

In light of the constant stream of results, presenting top organic results seamlessly as each word is typed makes SEO more relevant than ever, if your business relies on search for any portion of its website traffic.

Long Tail SEO will continue to assit organic search engine visibility on Google Instant as each and very word will change the display, making strategic SEO vital to success. Organizations that have search engine optimized for a half-dozen to ten keywords are surely to feel pain from the launch of Google Instant. Those who have stragetically studied, optimized and continued to improve organic visibility using Long Tail SEO are more likely to survive and thrive in the new real-time search environment created by Google Instant.

How will you adapt to Google Instant?

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