Google+ Pages for Brands and Business: The Pros and Conspros and cons of google+ pages for business

 A brief look at the pros and cons of Google+ Pages for business, brands, products, services and organizations.


1. Undoubtedly, Google+ Pages will play a vital role in the visibility of businesses and brands within the social media and search landscape.
2. Google+ Pages is now open to local businesses, products, brands, companies, not for profits, books, movies, tv shows and other categories.


1. A day after launch, Google+ Pages will not allow Contest or Promotions. (likely related to cons two and three).
2. You can only create a Google+ Page from an existing Google+ Profile. Since Google has strictly enforced the authenticity of Google + profiles to be associated with real people, no handles, company or personal branding allowed.
3. One person will own the Google+ Page, but if that person gets promoted, leaves the company, or dies, that account is doomed if Google’s approach to Page ownership follows suit to how they respond to ownership of Google Analytics accounts. Interestingly, (and disappointingly) Google has taken the same path with Google Pages as Facebook did with Facebook Pages, requiring a person with a Google + profile create a Google Plus Page for their business, brand, product, service or organization.
 The Pros and Cons of Google Plus Pages

How Will Google+ Page Terms of Service Affect Brands?

Google+ Pages Terms of Service states that a peson with a Google+ Account can create a Google+ Page, and ultimately responsible for that page, even if they give permission for someone else to manage that page.

I realize there are behind the scenes reasons for this that support the Google initiative.  However, the dependency of a Google+ Page to one person, whom Google will consider an “authority” over the subject matter is inconsistent to how brands are managed.

Google+ Page Administration Rules Are Not Practical for Brand Management in The Real World

Similar to the Google Analytics problem, Sally the marketing coordinator creates her company’s Google Analytics account using her email address…Sally accepts a job elsewhere without transferring ownership of the Google account to someone else at the company…Google does not get involved in the transfer of account ownership.

As stated, Google+ Pages Terms of Service creates a potential issue with Google+ Pages  administrator transfer, which has been problematic for organizations using Google Analytics for years. – Rebecca Murtagh, President of Karner Blue Marketing LLC  

View Google Analtyics Account ownership and transfer rules.

Google+ Pages appears to be following this policy. So, unless the person creating the Google+ profile maintains a connection with the brand for life, there will be ownership and management issues.

Hopefully Google will address Google + Pages ownership with the business in mind. 

Google + Pages Account Creation Tested

After 3 attempts to create a Google+ Page with an existing Google log in used for Google Analytics, we were denied because the account credentials were that of a company with an email address (such as rather than representing one individual within the company.
Google stated that the account prohibited their naming rules and continuing with the account was in violation of  Google+ Pages Terms of Service.  So, for now…if you want a Google+ Page for your organization, you must create it from your personal Google+ Profile.
It’s Google’s way of enforcing identity and relationship, but not very practical for an organization with more than one employee, much less a corporatation that hires or promotes people that impact the “ownership” of maintaining the brand.I really don’t see the CEO owning the Google+ Page, but even if they did, what happens when they leave, or worse yet, die?
Just asking…would welcome insight from the Google team, or anyone else in the know.  It is inevitable that we will face this challenge…quickly, and often.

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