5 Ways Recent Outage Proved Google Search Engine Domination

On Friday, August 16, 2013 Google search went down for approximately 5 minutes. The Google outage caused a 40% drop in global traffic according to analytic provider GoSquared. Several key insights emerge from this event.

Google search down time results in 40% drop global traffic.

Graph displays drop in global page views by minute as reported by GoSquared.

Search Engine Share

1. It appears Google search users would rather not search at all, than divert their queries to Yahoo, Bing or other search engines, illustrated by impact on global page views during the outage.

2. The global impact of down time confirms reach of Google search far beyond local scope.

3. Google.com users are patient – proven by the spike in activity once the search engine recovered.

4. Google.com users are apparently forgiving.

5. It would appear that Google is the gate-keeper for global search activity, given the overall drop in pageviews across the web during the official “1-5 minutes” Google confirms it was down.

Google Continues to Dominate Search

67 percent of explicit core searches occur on Google sites, compared to 18 percent on Microsoft, 11 percent on Yahoo!, 3 percent on Ask, and 1 percent on AOL sites. Google has dominated the search landscape for years with approximately two-thirds of search engine activity.

Google search engine share Comscore Juy 2013

The Takeaway…

If you want to be in the mainstream on the web, it is clear that visibility on Google.com should be a priority. Or, you could just leave that traffic to your competitors.


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