How to Make Your Site More Google-Friendly Amidst Algorithm Changes and UpdatesHow to survive Google Panda Update with SEO of content

Google Algorithm Changes and Updates Keep Website Owners On Their Toes

Google Search accounts for ~67% of Search Engine Share in the US according to ComScore. As a result, achieving visibility on Google remains the primary target for all things SEO. Google’s ever-changing algorithm creates a challenge for those competing for top organic search position.

At PubCon Las Vegas last Fall, Matt Cutts of Google shared that there are over 200 variables, with many integrating up to 50 aspects that calculate the best possible result to display in SRPs.

Surviving Google Panda/Farmer and Future Updates

Recent Updates, including the Google Panda/Farmer Update of Spring 2011, continue to increase emphasis on qualty content. Content is only one of many aspects, but the creation and optimization of quality, orginal content has, and always will, be part of a proactive SEO strategy.

Google’s “Intel Inside” is Data

In 2008 Google stated that their “intel inside” wasn’t search but data. It is not just the data itself that is important, but also the organization and presentation of data.

The Objective of SEO is to Promote Relevance and Authority

Rebecca Murtagh, President of Karner Blue Marketing has stressed the planning and optimization of content in all “owned content” in her presentations for years, including Web 2.0 San Francisco, PubCon, corporate training events and of course to SEO clients of our digital marketing firm. 

“Google’s #1 priority is to deliver the most qualfied results for any given keyword query”, explains Rebecca, “the more relevant the content, the higher the authority of the site, the better it will perform on Google Search.”

5 Tips for Optimizing Website Content to Sustain Search Engine Algorithms

  1. Keywords. Research keywords…not the keywords you would use, but the keywords your target audiences are using. (we’ve yet to work with a client that had their keywords right!) Remember, SEO is a marketing function, so keywords should never be a short list of 5-10 words, but meet the criteria to qualify your site as a search engine result for hundreds to thousands of keywords and phrases. The most effective method way to apply those words is through Long-Tail SEO Copywriting.
  2. Content. Plan and populate the site with original, quality content, and update frequently. Meet the basic criteria for words, keyword saturation, meta data, URL and links with other content and you are well on your way to telling your story to Google and your customers.
  3. Optimize. SEO should be integrated in to the planning, organization and writing of all content. SEO begins with site architecture, content organization, then optimization of individual assets. Remember, anything not optimized essentially dilutes the site’s overall relevance and authority. (including blogs, press releases, news, articles, etc.)
  4. Analyze. You can’t optimize a site and “let it ride”. The moment you knock a competitor from a top position, rest-assured, they will optimize to reclaim it. Once you achieve top position on Google or any other search engine, you must be diligent, or expect to slowly slip down in search engine results. Continual analysis of website performance is vital to identifying which content and website assets (pages, posts, features, products, services, etc.) are delivering the best results. Analytics will also reveal opportunities for improvement, enabling you to continually improve or sustain visibility in the top of search engine results.
  5. Adapt. Nothing hurts a site in the eyes of Google more than being stagnant. Stay up on the latest trends, assess competitive position, continue to tell your story the way your customers will respond and you are on your way to visibility, clicks and conversion!

Content is Just Part of the SEO Equation

Keep in mind, content is merely one of the many factors that will impact SEO of your website. But content is the foundation for everything you can and will do to compete in Search.

Need help achieving or sustaining visibility on Google? We can help. Contact us to learn more about our SEO Consulting Services, SEO Copywriting, and SEO Training.

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