Google+ For Business Social Media Platform Is Now Available

Just a few months after Google+ for people was launched, Google has launched Google+ for Businesses. Now, Small Businesses to Enterprise businesses can use the Google+ social media platform to engage with customers, vendors, investors and media.

Learn how Google+ Circles and Social Media facilitates relevant conversation with each audience.

View Google+ Video, From Google:

How Could Google+ Benefit Your Business?

  • Enable you to customize social conversation, promotions, video, content, publications as well as solicit feedback.
  • Google+ Business profiles will provide a search-friendly social-media profile to further engage with customers, vendors, media and brand advocates.
  • Engage in more lengthy, relevant conversations with specific audiences according to their interests (via Circles).


How Do Google+ Circles Work?

Learn more about how to begin using Google+ for yourself or business:

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