Google+ (Google Plus) Social Media Platform Is Not Yet Open For Business Profiles

5 Steps You Can Take to Prepare Your Business for Google+Google for Business

Google+ for business will experience an even slower, more controlled release than Google+ for individuals. As Google phases in Business Profiles, many are speculating on what functionality the search giant will offer to differentiate from the Facebook business experience.

Google+ Wants to Replace Facebook Business Pages

Designed to go head-to-head with Social Media platform Facebook, where businesses create pages, stores and communicate with customers, Google+ for business is inevitable.

Prepare Your Business to Benefit from Google+ Social Media Platform

Create a personal Google+ account for yourself and become familiar with features that will benefit your business, once Google+ does begin accepting branded, business profiles, which include:

  1. Create Google+ Circles to manage and segment profiles of customers, competitors, industry thought-leaders, media, etc.
  2. Begin inviting your friends, connections and followers Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to join you on Google+, to facilitate later introduction of business profile.
  3. Posting messages to select Google+ Circles
  4. Monitor posts of competitors (in Google+ Circles)
  5. Add a Google +1 button to your website.

Google+, Google Search and Your Business

As a dominant player in Search, you can expect Google to leverage Google+ in calculation in organic search results. Regardless of what type of business you are in, if you are competing for new customers, Search, and Google will play an important role in any proactive digital marketing strategy.

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