Has Google Penguin Impacted Your SEO?Google Penguin Update

Google’s Penguin Update has some search engine optimized websites feeling the chill from the search engine’s latest algorithm update.


If your SEO survived the Google Panda update, chances are good that you may not have been hit very hard by Google’s latest search engine algorithm update on April 24th, named Penguin. However, there will always be winners and losers with every update.


So, in case you haven’t deciphered the latest, this is yet another update focused on punishing those who have inappropriately used links, duplicating content, and other offenses warned against in recent months.


Links Are Like Gold, Invest Wisely

Links from and to your website influence your authority and relevance for any given keyword phrase. Google’s Penguin update goes a step further to insure the integrity of links, rewarding those who have executed them properly, and punishing those who have not understood the power of links, bent the rules, or abused the link relationship in an attempt stack the chips in favor of their website in SRPs.


Backlinks anywhere but on sites related to your niche may be counted against you.


The focus of this latest update is spam. In an effort to continually deliver the best results in search, Google has been extremely deliberate about weeding out sites that have been over-zealous, and perhaps even a bit aggressive in building links and/or manipulating content.


Content is King…Still and Always!

Contrary to popular belief, the best method for building links to your website is to create killer content. When you offer quality content, others will link to you, naturally. Google respects this type of link over all. It is not as easily achieved, and you cannot control it nearly as well as paying for a linking program. However, we have been able to achieve top search engine visibility for clients without linking schemes for years. (we can help you do it too!)


Fortunately, our SEO methods have never relied on link-building and emphasize original, optimized content. However, those who have been tempted by less scrupulous or experienced SEO firms may be experiencing less desirable results in the wake of Google’s latest search engine update.


Interestingly enough, a link has been offered up to enable those wishing to plea their case if they believe they have been unfairly punished by the Penguin Update. I do not see evidence of this going to Google, so I would advise proceeding with caution. The same page also provides a place to  “report” Penguin- like spam to Google. This of course could be dangerous if a competitor decided to campaign against a higher ranking website, if Google wasn’t reliant upon so many factors to determine search engine visibility and rank. (again, no verification this goes to Google).


Need help optimizing your website using proven methods that are tried and true, that sustain Google’s updates to clean up the web? Join our satisfied clients who continue to survive and thrive amidst the ever-changing landscape of search.


Google Penguin Update Rewards White Hat SEO

Unlike those who have built their SEO businesses from ever-changing tactics designed to scam the search engines, Google Penguin may achieve one objective, intended or not: separate White Hat SEO’s from Black Hat SEO’s. – Rebecca Murtagh


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