You’ve created, designed, written, toiled and invested your time and money to build your website.
What an accomplishment!

But, something is missing…traffic perhaps? 
If you find that the only visitors to your website are family, friends and existing customers and contacts, rest assured you ARE losing business to your competitors.Nothing is more deadly to a web-based or small business than to have a website that is virtually invisible to new prospects and customers. So, why can’t new customers find your address on the Information Highway?Most likely your website is not search engine optimized. 

What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is so much more than meta data. Contrary to popular belief, search engine optimization of a website requires far more than title, keywords and descriptions to reach target audiences. It requires research, targeting, optimization and monitoring. 

Targeting is essential. With over 90 million websites on the internet, lack of targeting essentially means that your address is not listed on the map, for lack of a better description. You must deliberately connect with qualified prospects if you truly want your website to support your business.

Ready to optimize your business website?

Here are some Common SEO mistakes to avoid. Happy Driving (prospects to your website that is!)

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