In the not too distant past, mass media meant television, radio, newspaper, even billboards…with businesses with large enough budgets pushing ads to the general population, hoping some small percentage will be compelled to buy.

The Internet has, and continues to, grow exponentially, becoming the new mass medium. Once the great equalizer, the Internet has become so large, expecting new customers to find your website on your own can be like asking them to search for a needle in a haystack.

Businesses seeking promotion online will have to get smart about how they will navigate the white noise of the web to reach target customers. Advertising has an entirely new meaning in the context of the web.  In fact, advertising in it’s traditional form has become obsolete in the context of the Internet.

Targeting and conversion will be key.

It won’t be enough to have a website, it must be Search Engine Optimized to reach qualified audiences.

It won’t be enough to have ppc ads, they must entice clicks that will convert visitors to customers.

It won’t be enough to have a website, it must promote usability, clicks and impact the bottom line.

I think it is entirely logical to consider the Internet as the new mass media, but thanks to Web 2.0, we can do more than just throw ourselves out to the masses, hoping we bump into customers.

The highly interactive and viral nature of the internet gives us the unprecented ability to build relationships with other individuals with whom we have affinity and common relationships and interests, anywhere in the world. We can, and should be able to transcend the millions of websites out there to reach those with whom we can connect, collaborate and contribute.

How about you, Do you view the Internet as mass media?

2 thoughts on “Is the Internet The New “Mass Media”?

  1. You have hit the nail on the head. If one executes a carefully drafted campaign of web 2.0, the chances of triggering a successful viral success is huge.
    Going forward i see Web 2.0 and social networks as the most important tool to “Engage Customers”

  2. When I talk to my clients about getting media attention, I include both ‘traditional’ and new media. And as for measurable results, I always say an increase of web hits and search engine rankings should always happen!

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