Make better website planning, design and marketing decisions using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics


Preparing for website re-design, website content updates, search engine optimization, advertising or social media promotion?
Marketing, design, programming, content and social media decisions yield better results when you leverage website statistical data.

The “Dashboard Report”, is where many turn. However, this information merely scratches the surface. Learn how to properly collect and explore deeply buried insights that reveal what webmasters, brand managers, marketers and executives need to make informed decisions.

When is the next Google Analytics Session?

Registration is currently limited to closed, custom, corporate sessions to enable individuals and teams to gain a better understanding of how to interpret, manage and act on insights provided by the various reports using their own data.
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Presented by Rebecca Murtagh, Chief Strategist and President of Karner Blue Marketing
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Value of Google Analytics Training

It is inevitable that your website has weaknesses and strengths. Most organizations don’t know how to dig in to website data to determine how effective or competitive their website truly is.

Using Google Analytics to Assess Website Performance That Can Impact Search and Conversion.

With Google driving over 65% of search engine traffic, it is wise to gain full mastery of what is working (and what is not) before you add content, blogs, press releases, articles, website content or proceed with a website redesign.

The success of your website organic SEO performance, SEM PPC programs, blogs, press releases and articles are directly impacted by the ever-changing search engine algorithms, which pay attention to much more than the search engine optimization of the website. Organic search relies on queus generated by your website visitors, RSS feeds, keywords, time on site, etc. to determine results on SRPs (search engine results pages).

Google Analytics is a vital tool able to help you make informed decisions about website design, usability, advertising, website content, mobile marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, marketing and promotion.

Google Analytics Expertise
Gain practial insight from years of Google Analytics experience as Karner Blue Marketing Google Analytics Training shows you how to read, interpret and use Google Analytics website data to make better business decisions.

We’ll review Google Analytics foundations, but this this 3 hour webinar goes beyond mechanics to show you how to use Google’s Free Website Analytics tool to help you answer these questions:

  • Where website visitors are coming from?
    Search Engines, Marketing Campaigns, Referring Websites, Social Media, Mobile Devices, Email Marketing Campaigns, etc.
  • Are website visitors finding the right content?
  • What search engine keywords and phrases are driving traffic to your website, landing pages, product/service pages, etc.?
  • Is your website getting it’s fair share of Google search traffic?
  • Is your website getting the correct balance of search, direct and referred traffic?
  • How effectivelY is your website helping you to reaching qualified audiences (customers!)?
  • How many website visits come from Search Engines, Advertising Campaigns, Public Relations, Media Campaigns, Direct mail marketing, Blog mentions, Social Media traffic, or other sources?
  • Do website visitors see, and click on, calls to action that will drive conversion?
  • Which navigational items on your home page, and interior pages are most effective?
  • What can you do to improve access to key content areas and conversion mechanisms?
  • Is your site mobile-friendly, which devices do your customers prefer and should you consider a mobile website or app?
  • Review of other free tools you can use to assess website performance to drive improvements.
  • and so much more!

What can you do with the information learned from this Google Analytics Seminar?

  • Assess how well your website is working and supporting your business goals.
  • Quantify performance of your website using real data.
  • Build a proactive SEO strategy.
  • Identify redundancy, streamline and cost savings in PPC, banner and directory advertising campaigns.
  • Review design, interface and calls to action for effectiveness.
  • Assess content and plan static and RSS feed content updates more effectively.
  • Determine which products are most attractive to your online customers.
  • Identify effectiveness of various marketing efforts and plan accordingly.
  • Leverage important data prior to a website redesign or rebuild.
  • Identify website features and calls to action that drive highest conversion.
  • Plan for site improvements that are most likely to support goals.
  • Gain access to other free tools that compliment Google Analytics that will help you identify ways to improve search engine visibility, clicks and conversion.
  • Manage presentation of website content, product and service offerings that customers respond to, for better results.
  • Generate custom reports that reflect website performance that can be shared and/or archived.

Learn how to leverage Google Analytics data to make more informed decisions about website design, redesign, programming, promotion, SEO, PPC, Publicity, Social Media and related initiatives.

Google Analytics Training Webinar includes:

2.5 hour Google Analytics Seminar, including feature-by-feature  review Google Analytics, including reports.

.5 hour Q&A and live demonstration.   


Who benefits most from Google Analytics Training?
Webmasters, C-Level Executives, Marketing Professionals, Website Owners, Copywriters, Marketing Executives, Website Developers, Programmers, Website Designers, Public Relations, Advertising Professionals, Entrepreneurs…basically anyone who has a website they wish to leverage.

Google Analytics is a free enterprise-class web analytics program offered by Google.
Google Analytics is a trademark of Google.

Prices in U.S. Dollars, subject to change without notice. If you must reschedule, a credit is offered toward training only. Promotion may end at any time without notice.