Karner Blue U Search Engine Marketing: Myths Vs. Facts

Powerful knowledge EVERY business needs to find and win customers online.
You can’t afford NOT to know the facts about the powerful, growing opportunities that businesses of EVERY size can benefit from!

Want to know the REAL DEAL about search engine optimization and marketing?
This interactive, highly-Informative session covers the many myths that influence how businesses are approaching search engine marketing. We’ll dispell myths, uncover common misconceptions and present the facts of SEO, SEM and related internet marketing practices.

After this information-packed session you will walk away with a better understanding of:

• Search Engines Unplugged
• What Exactly Is Search Engine Marketing?

• Why SEM is Now Vital to YOUR Business, and EVERY Business

• How Search Engines “See” Your Website
• How Often Should You Submit Your Website to The Search Engines?

• What’s All the Fuss About Google vs. Other Search Engines?

• What REALLY Makes Your Website “Search-Friendly”

• What SEM Can Mean To Your Bottom Line

• How To Pick The Right Online Advertising Programs

• PPC, CPM, ROI, SEO, SEM…What It All Means To Your Business

• The Power of Performance, Measurement & Maintenance
This is a VERY popular session and suitable for professionals at any level, with varying degrees of knowledge on  this topic…EVERYONE tells us they learn something new!There is No sales pitch. This is a strictly educational seminar to help offset the rampant midsunderstanding and misinformation of search engines

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