Expert Analysis Can Save Your Brand or Business From Making Expensive Mistakes in Website Design, Development, SEO and Social Media MarketingWe'll make you the superstar!

Whether you are facing a website re-design, launching a new product, service or seeking to promote the visibility of your brand, chances are very good that you will overlook something.

Today’s Digital Landscape Is More Competitive and Complex Than Ever

The digital landscape has changed significantly in recent months, weeks, even days. And, honestly, it doesn’t matter when you read this…it will be true any given day.

We are often contacted after a business has invested significantly in a website, SEO, social media, or blog, only to realize that they missed the mark, didn’t execute the asset strategically, and failed to realize the return on the investment needed and expected. We begin all of our client engagements with a review of their digital assets. As we review what they have, or are about to build (based on RFP, site map or proposal), the one most common comment is “we wished we’d contacted you first”.


Pleeeeeeease Don’t let this happen to you.
Because we choose to no longer “Build” websites, we are in the envious position of being a trusted adviser to our clients, enabling them to make informed decisions around their e-business strategy, digital marketing strategy, website design, content usability and conversion…Regardless of WHO builds the website.


In fact, our decision to remove ourselves from being the website vendor enables us to work with clients to help them achieve better results from internal and external resources. We consult with clients throughout the website planning, RFP, vendor selection and optimization process…helping them understand whether they can expect to get what they need from what they request and pay for.


What you don’t know can, and most likely WILL cost you.


FACT: It is becoming increasingly difficult for those not dedicated every day to staying current with the ever-changing dynamics of search engines, social media platforms, how they now relate and impact the visibility of your website as you compete for new business.This puts many businesses at a disadvantage. While you are busy doing what you do best, the digital landscape that your business depends upon is constantly changing.


We’re not super-heroes…but we do serve as champions for our clients success!


Unlike the “project” mentality that most website design, development and even SEO and social media companies adopt, we believe that the completion of a website or marketing initiative is the BEGINNING, not the end of the project as it relates to the success of your business.

Although we no longer build websites for our clients, we do continue to build, test and measure proven methods and best practices within owned digital properties. Our extensive experience in strategy, planning, development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media and related topics is invaluable to our clients who go through the website process once every 2, 3 or 5 years. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from the insight of experts as you initiate your plans to promote your business?


We conduct objective analysis of websites, website design proposals, SEO proposals (and review of previous optimization), social media optimization and integration. We don’t have to become your virtual marketing partner, but we suspect you will gain such value from our valuable insight, that you will remember Karner Blue Marketing when you are seeking to increase brand visibility and influence within the ever-changing digital landscape. We are not only current with the latest in search, social, mobile and digital marketing topics, we are continually testing and developing best practices that help businesses just like yours achieve their goals effectively and cost-efficiently.

Gain Valuable Expert Insight With This Introductory Offer

We are offering several Website and Social Media Analysis packages to help you get your efforts off on the right foot. No obligation, no catch. We simply want to provide you with information that will enable you to make informed decisions, and better investments that will support your immediate and long-term goals.

If you are expecting to achieve anything online in 2012, you will want to take us up on this incredible value!


Option 1:
Website and Social Media Analysis includes our 30 point review of your digital footprint, along with Recommendations on how to improve visibility and support your digital marketing efforts.


Option 2:
Website and Social Media Analysis and Recommendations as outlined in Option 1, PLUS an actionable checklist of items based on your specific business and our findings that will help you communicate and manage implementation with internal and external website, marketing and programming teams.


Option 3:
Website and Social Media Analysis and Recommendations as outlined in Option 1, the Actionable Checklist outlined in Option 2, PLUS a 1 hour conference call to discuss findings, strategy, recommendations and discuss related topics that you may wish to gain additional insight on. This is a steal, and definitely the most value-packed of the options.


Save Time, Money and Achieve Better Results With Objective Insight From An Expert

Don’t spend a dime on website design, copy-writing, SEO, social media, mobile or any other initiative without this valuable (and highly affordable) insight. Based on how these services have helped our clients, these services could save you many thousands of dollars, not to mention, valuable time and stress.


Select an Option and We’ll Get Started Right Away!

You can’t afford NOT to gain an objective analysis before you invest countless hours in website design, development, marketing and optimization. Let’s get started today!

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Learn why Karner Blue Marketing is qualified to offer objective analysis to your business.


This introductory offer begins January 1, 2012 and subject to change or end without notice at any time. Karner Blue Marketing LLC reserves the right to refuse any client if it poses a conflict of interest with another client, or for any other reason.

Upon purchase you will be contacted to begin the process. Prices in U.S. Dollars, No Refunds.