Despite how much most entrepreneurs, marketers, public relations and even copywriting professionals read and agree how important it is for website copy to be search engine optimized  into SEO content, it is rarely executed effectively. This is not merely my opinion. Sadly, it is fact, backed up by website analytics data and conversion of sites pre and post SEO.

The best way to understand HOW to SEO your website content is to understand the reasons WHY it is important.

1. Search engines algorithms, especially Google and Yahoo, depend on text crawlers.

Indicating that the more search engine optimized your website content (copy) is, the better idea the search engine has of who you are, what you do/offer and where you are located (for local search)…and subsequently, the better your site will fare, or rank among other websites in keyword results.

What you can do to Insure you have search engine friendly website content:

  • Make sure your website has actual text for content. The easiest “litmus test” is to attempt to highlight the text on a website page with your mouse. If you cannot highlight it, as you can with copy within a text or WORD document, chances are pretty good that content is invisible to the seach engines.
  • Another method is to “view source” of a page (or every page) of your website. If you don’t see the content in that page full of code, neither do the search engines, it’s that simple.
  • Insure that there is ample “text” or data for the search engines to crawl that identify “who, what, when, where, how” as they relate to your goals and objectives.


2. Search engine crawlers SEEK text, LIKE new copy, LOVE frequently updated content.

Website content is most valuable when it new content is added often, or updated frequently. The main mission of Search engines is to provide the most qualified result to those seeking a result. So, it makes perfect sense that search engines will be attracted to new and frequently visited content, especially when it is search engine optmized and adds to the overall “weight” of the website in the eyes of the search engines.

Search engines are naturally attracted to optimized Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, News, Website Pages, and other website content.

Unfortunately, static sites that do not have engaging content, are less likely to attract links from other websites, or entice visitors to return after their first visit…both of which are important to website SEO and conversion.

What you can do to improve the value of website content:

  • Use blog, news, articles or some other type of frequent updates that enable you to communicate with your audience, using the keywords and phrases your audience will find relevant.
  • Create a schedule to regularly add, update and search engine optimize content.
  • Seriously search engine optimize your content. This requires far more than “sprinkling keywords” and adding meta data. (learn more about “how to SEO your content” below).


3. Search engine keyword queiries are not all PC based. 

To be optimally successful, your website should be optimized for search engine accessibility via mobile, text to voice, ADA and other searches. One of the easiest, most effective methods to improve the performance of your website to every type of user over time is to balance design with function, and include real text as the foundation of website function. Text is the most universal, easily adaptable and most effective way to convey your core message on the nternet.

That’s not to say that website design and programs aren’t as vital to your value proposition and differentiating you from competitors, but if you want to improve site performance over time, over many browsers and throughout search engine algorithm changes, text as content is a mighty powerful and timeless weapon.

What you can do to improve SEO across multiple browsers and platforms

  • Refer to bullets in #2 and you are well on your way!
  • There are additional, more advanced techniques that we can address in a separate post.

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Rebecca Murtagh is a recognized expert in SEO, SEM, internet marketing and social search marketing and trains corporate teams and individuals how to finesse their natural talents to support high-performance results using proven methods developed over the past 13 years.


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