Digital Strategy

Why is digital strategy so important to the sustainable business?
Because customers of B2B and B2C organizations research, compare and make purchase decisions online.

Karner Blue Marketing offers many years of experience and highly professional expertise to help you move from you from where you are, to where you want – and need – to be in order to compete in today’s digital, social economy.

We Specialize in Helping Businesses and Brands Build Actionable Strategies to Guide Efforts for Optimum Performance and Maximum ROI.

Business & Brand Strategy

Strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of business goals, operations and assets.

Once we have completed an in-depth analysis, we present a proactive strategy to competitively position the brand to compete and win the hearts and minds of target audiences. We help our customers optimize their assets to appeal to all who contribute to the success of the brand: customers, press & media, investors, partners, resellers, franchisees, employees – as identified in the initial phases of client engagement.

Experience You Can Trust

Brand & Marketing Strategy - 25 years
E-Business Planning - 16 years
Website Planning & Optimization - 16 years
Digital Strategy - 16 years
Search Engine Optimization - 13 years
SEO Training - 12 years
Search Engine Marketing - 13 years
Custom Website & Application Development - 8 years
Social Media Marketing & Optimization - 6 years
Social Media Training - 6 years
Traditional Media Advertising
Professional Training Experience - 6 years

Proactive Digital Strategy & Optimization

Karner Blue Marketing Consulting Services Provides the Highest Level of:

  • Competitive Brand Positioning Strategy
  • E-Business Analysis & Digital Strategy
  • Integration of Digital Across the Organization
  • Brand Strategy & Marketing Planning
  • SEO :: Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM :: Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM :: Social Media Strategy, Marketing & Monitoring
  • SMO :: Website and Google Analytics
  • Website Design Optimization
  • Usability and Conversion Consulting
  • Social Selling

Competitive Business Strategy, Digital Brand & Marketing Strategy

Leveraging Traditional Marketing and Media Methods, The Very Latest in E-Business, Website SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Conversion

We act as our client’s advocate and trusted adviser, providing extensive experience and executive-level strategy, analysis and services to compliment, support and advance internal teams.

We conduct thorough analysis of all Owned, Earned and Paid Media to formulate proactive strategies that heighten competitive differentiation, identify and pursue new revenue opportunities and provide guidance for you and your teams to run with.

What Makes Karner Blue Marketing so different from typical agency or marketing firm?

We do not view clients as an opportunity to gain glory and recognition.
Our success is not based on how many billable hours we can generate.

We are dedicated to providing sound counsel, advocacy and ethical services, firmly rooted in best practices and proven methods to deliver results and help your organization achieve success.

We help organizations leverage PROVEN methods to achieve better results by helping them develop skill sets and analytic perspectives on data to make decisions that will deliver greater return on investment, or ROI.

Expert Data Analysis & Proactive Strategy

Mastering data is key to making informed strategic decisions. We find that that many executives and marketing professionals at corporations and enterprise-level companies do not understand or have the experience to interpret sources of data that guide informed decisions and measurement of performance and success.

Popular Questions We Answer:

How do we know where our best customers are coming from so we can market to more of them?

How can we optimize our marketing, advertising and sales efforts to reach “ideal” customers cost effectively and cost efficiently?

Is our website really search engine optimized?

What is “social selling” and how can we make it part of our marketing plan?

How well are our current marketing and advertising efforts performing, really?

What can we do to generate new revenue streams to support immediate and long-term goals?

We are search engine optimized, so why can’t we top Google results?

How do we know which keywords are most effective to use in website SEO, PPC and SMO?

We have plenty of traffic, but why aren’t website visitors converting to customers?

How can we integrate social media into our business in a way it increases profit, rather than becoming a distraction?

How can we more effectively empower our people to contribute to achieving our goals?

How do we measure website, social media, email and advertising performance?

Draw from the experience and knowledge of top-notch industry experts when specific specialties or skill sets are indicated to provide you with state-of-the-art, innovative voices of experience and vision.

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