Building a Sustainable Brand StrategyWin hearts and minds with a solid brand strategy

What makes a brand successful has changed. Today’s digital, social economy has empowered customers to determine the success of a brand. So, rather than the traditional approach of creating a marketing plan full of outbound initiatives, brands are now required to shift their focus to winning hearts and minds.

Winning Hearts and Minds of Customers

Marketing the Sustainable B2C Brand

For businesses that directly serve customers, (B2C) recognizing the value of search, and the power of customers to directly impact the brand through reviews, and social media is, well, pretty much a no-brainer. When a brand attracts the love of the media, investors, partners, customers and employees, the brand can be very successful, if they know how to leverage engagement, interaction and endorsements.

Marketing the Sustainable B2B Brand

Business-to-Business brands (B2B) have historically found it more difficult to connect the dots between the attention and emotion of customers, until now. Today, the data supporting how influential connections, social engagement, endorsement, management and optimization of owned assets directly impact the opinion of potential clients, as well as the visibility in search, where customers (yes, even for B2B Brands) begin their quest for a solution to their problems.

Brand Marketing Requires More Than a Logo, or Cool Name

For those outside the marketing profession, branding is often equated with the logo, or the naming of a company or product. This is unfortunate, as it often leads organizations to miss many opportunities to express the value and unique qualities of the brand.

This is not to say that the name or log are unimportant. They are indeed vital to expanding the reach of the brand. However, the brand can, and should be, much more. In fact, when in a competitive marketplace, we have been known to create a brand strategy out of thin air. Often, those closest to the brand are unable to articulate what, exactly, makes that brand most valuable to its target audiences. A brand strategy becomes much like telling a story – weaving facts, characters and situations together in a way that helps audiences connect-the-dots in a way that is meaningful to them.

What Brand Marketing Should Be

A strategic branding strategy will not only emulate the essence of the brand, it will differentiate the brand from competitors, speak directly to target audiences. Most importantly, a good brand will evoke an instant reaction from audiences. (Hopefully positive!) Every interaction with the brand should win hearts and minds.

Serving Left and Right Sides of the Brain

Branding for the Right and Left Sides of the Brain

No two people are alike. How people interpret and respond to a brand is often influenced by how an individual processes information. Whether audiences are analytical, creative, objective or intuitive, those being introduced to the brand will respond when their needs have been met.

We help brands define a grounded, strategic brand strategy that will differentiate them from competitors and appeal to all audiences in a way that supports the immediate and long-term goals of the brand.

A solid brand strategy is much easier to scale, promote and manage over time. Because every decision related to your brand is made by a human, it is imperative that the brand leverage every opportunity to win hearts and minds (which in turn impacts search engines).

How love-able is your brand?

If your brand is not getting its fair share of the market, not being appreciated for what you bring to the market, or struggling to win the love of search engines, or humans, we can help.

We specialize in creating brand strategies that help brands grow market share, increase visibility in search and win the hearts and minds of customers, one click at a time.

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