Power in Integration of Social Media, SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing, Public Relations and Real-Time Search

Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web 2.0, Public Relations and Internet Marketing efforts increase in value when they are integrated in the context of an integrated marketing strategy.

The web offers many channels to reach and engage the most qualified audiences…the audiences most likely to convert to customers.

Integrated Marketing Reaches More Customers

A customer can be anything from a shopper, client, subscriber, investor, empoloyee, blogger or any number of consumers of your product or service, and those who influence them.

 The Anatomy of an Integrated Internet Marketing Plan

Design and Build a Website

Typically, internet marketing strategy begans with a website. Often the website is approached purely from a creative perspective, leaving functionality, search engine optimization, conversion and ROI as after-thoughts. High-performing websites integrate best practices in SEO, usability and conversion from the planning process throughout content development.
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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

 To drive traffic to the website via search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and others,  search engine optimization is vital to achieve organic, natural (unpaid) traffic. 
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Every aspect of how effectively internet marketing programs will deliver results is directly impacted by some sort of SEO, or search engine optimization. 

SEO is initially driven by brand. Rich opportunities to expand brand awareness and reach new customers when SEO integrates value proposition, geographic market, competitive differentiation and promotions. Long Tail SEO has always proven to be especially effective, and even more so since the Google Caffeine update of winter 2009-2010. The introduction of real-time search offers additional benefit for those who frequently update their website with optimized content. When SEO is properly implemented, websites naturally reach their most qualified customers and prospects.

SEO also applies to Social Media, Public Relations, PPC Performance, as explained below.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing / Advertising

Many opt to forgo the organic optimization of their website and pursue search engine advertising, which includes PPC or CPM ads like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, banner ads, Sponsored search engine links, etc. This can be quite costly, if you are not fully aware of how search engine algortihms affect ad visibility. Most SEM agencies and consultants do not leverage the direct relationship between ads and the organic SEO of the website and target pages, which is mathematically calculated by search engines automatically and can directly impact ROI.
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Social Media

Social media profiles, updates and social media campaigns offer tremendous opportunity to reach qualified audiences.

Public Relations and Publicity

Many organizations launch PR and publicity campaings, seeking media coverage that will put them in the path of their target markets. Few, however understand how to fully leverage the Press Release and publicity to gain full benefit from the time, energy, strategy and execution of press releases, publicity campaigns and media relations. Search engines are a primary source of news and story research for journalists and editors. Search engines, most especially Google, actively seek and favor content typical of a public relations campaign, which often can place PR efforts in the path of the most active, qualified customers on the internet. Failure to target, and properly search engine optimize PR efforts results in diminished return.
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When integrated, each and every online marketing effort rolls-up in to the integrated marketing plan cohesively, improving the effectiveness of each aspect.

The Value of Integrated Social, Search, Internet Marketing & PR:

  • Search engine, advertising, social media and even Web 2.0 platforms all function on keyword search. Integrated management across all marketing efforts allows you to reach customers, whether they are searching by your company name or brand, topic, event, products or services.
  • Integration promotes brand management across all internet platforms, even social media and Web 2.0 which are most challenging to brand managers.
  • Optimization across, and between, your online marketing efforts can improve overall search engine performance, when done effectively.
  • Cohesive marketing efforts allow for orchestrated messaging, cross-promotion and response
  • Conversion of website visitors to customers can be effectively monitored and measured when orchestrated within the context of an integrated marketing plan.
  • Integrated mangement of all internet and website promotions enable you to grow market share.

Generating Clicks to Conversion for ROI

Of course online, the bottom line will always be measured by the ability for integrated marketing efforts to promote conversion of clicks and visitors to customers, making social media targeting and demographics a vital part of the social media strategy.