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Improve Search Engine Marketing SEM, PPC, Click to Conversion and ROI.

Our Marketing experts optimize Keyword targeting, Clicks and Conversion of Visitors to Customers with the following services:

Search Engine Marketing – PPC Assessment

Most businesses enter search engine marketing programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising, Facebook Ads, etc. because they have become convinced

Compliment to Organic Search Rankings
Even if your web site has achieved high natural organic rankings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, most businesses find PPC or CPM programs can be used to reach targeted audiences in ways organic search engine optimization cannot.

We strongly advocate organic search engine performance as your primary source of web traffic. However, our methods, proven over the years will help you leverage your online marketing and PPC budgets for optimum results.

Optimize Existing PPC Campaigns

Reach More Qualified Audiences , Improve CTR and ROI
with PROVEN Search Engine Marketing PPC Campaign Management and Optimization Services

Our Search Engine Marketing programs enable businesses to leverage our proven methods in keyword and positioning strategy to reduce search engine marketing campaign budgets.
Many of our clients are able to eliminate their dependence upon Search Engine Marketing PPC Campaigns altogether with our SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services.

We are NOT Resellers of Google Adwords or any other PPC Search Engine Marketing Advertising programs.Google Adwords Expert Consultant

Why us NOT being a Google Adwords Reseller matters to our clients…

Unlike most Search Engine Marketing Companies, we do not have to navigate a conflict of interest. Authorized Resellers of any program earn a % commission from the dollars you spend, often rewarded financially if they can increase a client’s budget over time.

Surprisingly, many companies fail to recognize that their agency, marketing firm or consultant is a Google Adwords Reseller. Resellers have a vested interest in promoting spending on PPC or search engine marketing ad programs.

Google will tell you themselves, there is NO added benefit or inherent “edge” to working with a Google Adwords Reseller.

We made the decision a long time ago, and have never regretted putting the best interest of our clients first. Sure, you will compensate us for our time. However, our expertise and recommendations will be fully dedicated to achieving the most economical, effective results and return your search engine marketing investment.

Our clients are loyal because we support their business goals effectively and cost-efficiently. In fact, our clients typically experience a SIGNIFICANT reduction in monthly PPC budgets, while improving CTR and conversion!

Unlike yellow page ads, and directory keyword targeted search engine marketing programs, your own PPC pay-per-click keyword program enables you to reach qualified customers on the first click , promoting CTR (click thru rate) and conversion to customers!

Search Engine Marketing SEM / PPC Services:

  • Independent SEM Campaign Analysis and Recommendations – We will conduct an objective analysis of your monthly spend, keyword selection, CTR and related factors and present recommendations indicated by our findings to improve your ROI.
  • SEM Campaign Optimization – Our Search Engine Marketing Experts will optimize your PPC campaigns to improve visibility, CTR and Conversion.

Search Engine Marketing Optimization is available as:

– One-time Optimization with one month of post-optimization analysis.

– Month-to-month Optimization, management, analysis and reporting.

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