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Social Media Marketing success requires proven methods, best practices, and measurement.

Once any organization makes the decision, strategy is typically unstructured, unless they engage a social media expert, firm or specialist, that they fail to reap the rewards and quickly write off social media as hype. This would be a mistake, as B2B and B2C customers continue to adopt social media platforms, inevitably being exposed to the brands, products and solutions they will use, based on recommendation or introduction by their peers.

Building Qualified Audiences on Social Media

The objective on social media is similar to that of successful SEO.
In order to leverage the platform, you must place your brand’s social media profile and updates in the path of your most qualified audiences. Most Corporations struggle with how to build audiences that will actually.

Why You Want More Than Just Followers, Friends and “Likes”.

You don’t want or need millions of fans, friends, followers or clicks if the people behind the profiles and website visits are not qualified prospects or potential customers. You do want to reach and build relationships with qualified audiences, building advocacy, awareness and adoption by their friends and spheres of influence.

Social Media Marketing Proven Methods

We have created a social media marketing methodology proven to successfully:

  • Build, sustain and leverage qualified audiences on social platforms.
  • Promote brand awareness.
  • Build one-to-one relationships with customers.
  • Create brand champions and advocates.
  • Overcome negative social interaction with positive, strategic communication.
  • Leverage best practices in social media to build loyalty.
  • Engage audiences over time to drive clicks to promotions or the website.
  • Promote conversion of audiences to customers.

Leveraging The Relationship Between Social Media and Search is Vital To Success

Our approach to Social Media Marketing is unique. Our marketing, search engine optimization and social media expertise enables us to offer what most Public Relations, Internet Marketing and Social Media Gurus cannot:
Social Media Optimization – SMO, which leverages:

  • The relationship between social media platforms, their on-site search and search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to improve visibility social media efforts over time with strategically balanced conversations using a communciations equation we’ve proven to be successful over time.
  • Real-time search and the archiving of social media updates (by Google especially) which create opportunities that most social media marketing firms have little understanding of, and even less mastery of. We have observed trends, thoroughly tested and proven our Social Media Optimization approach to social marketing to significantly improve the effectiveness and ROI of social media interaction.

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