This morning I checked out a Mashable Post via Twitter that made me chuckle. The tweet read:

What Google REALLY Thinks of Twitter!

Actually, the post which came to my Virtual Marketer Twitter account via Tweets from  @PerryBelcher and @RichCurrie  made me laugh out loud!

This is hilarious…and at the same time an exceptional (some might say tragic) example of how important content is to Google search.

To make sure this wasn’t fabricated, I went to and keyed in the same keywords:  twitter is
(go ahead, try it!) The same keyword suggestions appear from Google:

Twitter is...

Twitter is...

You can’t help but laugh initially. However, if you’ve read my previous Blog posting: Making The Case for SEO Content you’ll recognize HOW these results ended up ranking so high in Twitter results on Google is NO ACCIDENT.

The takeaway:
Good or bad, whatever people are saying about you (and what you say about yourself online) WILL be visible for the world to see on Google search, so it’s especially prudent to have a Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Campaign in Place…and crises management, when things don’t go as planned.

A professional search engine marketing firm can help you with a proactive SEM strategy, if your search results aren’t what you’d like them to be.

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