Google Analytics Training Offered by Karner Blue Marketing

One of Karner Blue Marketing’s most requested corporate training webinars is Google Analytics Training. Now, Anyone can learn how to use Google Anaytics to capture, analyze nd interpret website statistics and trends captured by this powerful tool.

Beyond identifying website traffic sources, keywords, most popular pages, you will learn how to assess how effective your marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM, paid advertising, blogs, press releases and social media are in driving clicks and conversion to and through your website is attracting your target customers.

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Group or One-to-One Virtual Webinar Google Analytics Classes  are available. This highly popular class is now a webinar you can take without leaving the office!
Rebecca Murtagh will deliver this class LIVE to show you how to read, interpret and leverage the data and reports generated by Google Analytics.

This class has receieved rave reviews from even seasoned Google Analtyics users. Executives, marketing professionals, webmasters and small business owners should know how their website is supporting usability, SEO, internet marketing campaigns and conversion. In this class, we’ll explore how to use the information made available in Google Analytics to make informed decisions in promoting your business and improving the bottom line.