Professional Social Media Training in High Demand

Albany, NY USA – April 20, 2011

As the novelty of social media has worn off, C-Level executives, senior marketers and business owners have become highly aggressive in seeking methods that will give them the competitive edge they need to be successful on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, and other social media platforms. Many corporations and emerging companies are turning to seasoned social media marketers to show them the ropes.

Skepticism Turns to Urgency

Many organizations dismissed the validity of social media during its emergence, creating a void where testing and methodology may have developed and grown. Instead, organizations from large consumer brands to small retailers are scrambling to get in to the game, remain competitive and protect market share.

Benefits of Social Media Training

For organizations seeking measurable results from their social media marketing efforts, much more than establishing social media profiles is required. “Similar to the early days of the Internet and the emergence of SEO, a proven marketing methodology will always differentiate those who sell social media services, and those who deliver results using social media” explains Rebecca Murtagh, President of Karner Blue Marketing, LLC a digital marketing firm located in New York.

“Social Media Training can greatly reduce the time required to establish an effective social media footprint within the many social media platforms and greatly improve the chances for achieving desired results”, says Murtagh.

Since Social Media is clearly here to stay, it is highly likely that training and services will become as vital component to the strategic development of the proactively marketing organization.