Don’t Make Common SEO Mistakes,
Implement SEO Search Engine Optimization Best PracticesUse Proven methods in SEO for best results.

What you don’t know CAN hurt your business!

Here are the things we most commonly see preventing businessses from leveraging their business website presence for optimum SEO and SEM results:

“Our web site is already optimized.”

 If you have been told your website is already optimized, you are in very good company.
In fact, nearly every business that has asked us to review their website has told us that their business web site was already optimized. When our expert SEO analysis demonstrated that the website was not optimized, we have had to explain that their site had not been optimized to promote high natural organic rankings to qualified target audiences on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

It is our experience that even the most expensive websites, created by top-notch design firms, high-end web development companies as well as those created by in-house webmasters IT, website design and marketing teams simply fail to meet what we know to be the foundational requirements for search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing is just that…a highly specialized function of marketing. This rapidly evolving practice of SEO and SEM changes continually because Google, Yahoo and the other search engines are constantly changing the algorithms that drive search engine results.

To achieve and maintain high natural rankings requires continual education and practice, which most website design and development professionals simply don’t have the time or expertise to cultivate. SEO firms like Karner Blue Marketing who specialize in search engine marketing have the expertise and proven methods that would take months or years for aspiring SEO pros to develop.

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“Search engine optimization is not important to OUR business.”

Recent Internet studies show that search engines are being used by customers, YOUR customers
first and more often than any other form of business website promotion.

Because there are literally millions of websites on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others without investting in SEO SEM at some scale.

The high saturation of domain names (your URL or .com address) has made it increasingly difficult for your prospects and customers to find your website simply by typing in your business name and adding a .com at the end. And now more than ever, people are using search engines as their first point of research when seeking a company, product or service…by the name of what solution they seeking…via search engine keywords.
If they don’t find YOUR website, it is most likely your competitor’s website that is search engine optimized that they will click on?

Add these factors to the fact that most websites out there are NOT search engine optimized for visibility so that their target audiences can find them and you have millions of invisible websites.

It doesn’t have to be this way!
SEO SEM is an investment, but Karner Blue Marketing SEO clients will tell you that it HAS improved not only the traffic to the website, but also improved the quality of the visitors to their website, making it easier to convert those website visitors to customers.

What are new customers worth to YOUR business?

“Our web site is too small or old to be optimized and be competitive.”

It does not matter whether your website is
old or new, small or large, B2B, or B2C focused, static or database-driven,
your website CAN be search engine optimized to gain visibility and generate new business.

The Internet has become the great equalizer.

It used to be that just having a website would capture business online. Now, with millions of websites out there vying for the eyeballs of your prospects, your website can easily be distracted by competitors websites if they cannot find your web site.

Search engine marketing can be extremely powerful in helping promoting websites of businesses of any size, when done properly. Even smaller, less recognized organizatons become as visible, and sometimes even more than than competitors in search results.

Another misconception is that geographically local focused businesses can’t compete with the large corporations on the search engines. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Businesses with local or regional focus can do VERY well in achieving high natural organic rankings on the search engines when properly search engine optimized.

“We can do this ourselves, how hard can SEO really be?”

Search engine optimization is an involved, deliberate internet marketing practice built around achieving high natural organic search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Beacuse the algorithms of the search engines, are deliberately modified frequently to keep the search environment to produce the best possible search results based on keyword search terms, SEO SEM and related disciplines require continual education, application and adherence to the “rules” developed by the search engines in order to achieve and maintain high rankings.

Keywords, Search Engine Design, SEO ethics and Conversion of website visitors to customers are just some of the key practice areas of true search engine marketing.

You can take this on yourself if you have the time to learn. However, there is a steep learning curve. SEO firms like Karner Blue Marketing who specialize in search engine marketing have the expertise and proven methods that stand the test of time with proven “white hat” or ethical search engine optimization methods. If you don’t understand the independent rules of each search engine, deploying what they perceive to be “tricks” even if unintentional, can result in blacklisting of your website.

It is our experience that once a company has tried to do this in-house they quickly develop an appreciation for time and expertise required to build and deploy an effective website SEO and SEM Internet marketing campaigns.

“Imagine that each search engine is a sandbox belonging to a different person who makes their own rules…and has the ability to kick you out for trying to cheat without warning or recourse.”
Rebecca Murtagh
Founder and Chief Strategist
Karner Blue Marketing, LLC Your Virtual Marketing Partner!

“Why not hire the SEO company that Guarantees #1 search engine rankings?”

 Here’s what GOOGLE itself has to say about this:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, OR advertise a “priority submit” to Google. –

There is not much more for us to add, but to say that we have developed an ethical, proven methodology that has sustained the test of time. We do not guarantee #1 rankinngs, however we do achieve #1 search engine rankings for our clients. Karner Blue Marketing is an ethical “white hat” SEO firm with proven methods that adheres to the SEO Code of Ethics. Our approach to search engine optimziation means our clients are guaranteed our best professional effort on THEIR behalf, without tricks, spamming or putting our client’s website at risk of being blacklisted.

“SEO is expensive, our web site cost too much to build to justify the expense of search engine optimization.”

Yes, designing and developing a website requires significant time, resources, planning, money or all of the above. However, you wouldn’t build a business and not tell anyone about it, would you?

Fact is, your website is not likely to fulfill its ROI potential if it cannot be found on the search engines…you can’t afford NOT to search engine optimize.

We believe very strongly in the integration of search engine optimization during the website construction process, however most of our clients have either just designed a new website, or need to promote an existing web site.
SEO success depends largely on 4 things:
1. Search Engine Keywords – reaching TARGET audiences the way they are searching the Internet.
2. Search Engine Design * – making it easy for the search engines to “see” your business web site.
3. SEO Optimized Website Content * – leveraging keywords, design and web copywriting to support ROI.
4. Website Conversion & ROI – ability to convert web site visitors to customers.
* If you are determined to do this in-house, we highly encourage you to attend one of our SEO Training Seminars or Workshops on SEO Design, Optimized Web Copywriting and other related topics.

Launching a website that cannot be found by your audience through keyword searches on search engines is like building a house without a front door.

Ask Karner Blue Marketing quote an affordable SEO optimization program for you.

With the exception of the quote from, these comments are based on our experience and opinions based what businesses have shared with us. Our in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in search engine optimization enables us to quickly assess whether or not your site is optimized enough to be capable of appearing in searches that will support your business.