What is SEO?
Do I really Need SEO to Be Successful Online?Do you need to SEO your website?

Surprisingly, there are many businesses struggling with these questions.
Many are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there about SEO. And often confused by all the “SEO’s” out there offering to make them #1 on Google.
If you are still deciding whether your website needs SEO, Consider the following…
Three reasons why your website may need to be search engine optimized

1. Your website may not be as search engine optimized as you were led to believe.

Fact is, it is surprising given how many people claim to do SEO, how few websites really are search engine optimized.
Why? Because even though most website designers, development companies and webmasters may claim and many sincerely believe that they have “optimized” your website, it is our experience that all they have done is added meta data. It takes far more than sprinkling a few keywords throughout your copy and meta data. Organic, on-page search engine optimization is about reaching target audiences, those most likely to become your customers, promoting a click to your website and ultimately, conversion of that website visitor to a customer.

We cringe when we have to break it to our client that their website is NOT even built in a way that it can be effectively search engine optimized to go head to head with their competitors on Google, Yahoo or the other search engines. SEO Design is the preferred way to build a website foundation that can be search engine optimized. 

In fact, we have encountered this SO OFTEN that we are now offering SEO training to website designers, marketers, PR firms, website developers and web copywriters through Karner Blue U. Even after this training most websites will require professional SEM assistance in order to leverage the website’s assets to leverage the proper search engine keyword terms and promote conversion of visitors to “customers” whether it be a B2B, B2C, P2P or not for profit website.

It is our experience that even the most expensive sites, those created by top-notch design firms, and those created in-house, fail to meet core search engine optimization requirements. Because we have been doing this successfully for years, our in-depth understanding and proven methods produce results, Every Time.

2. If your website is not on page one, you ARE losing business.

Why? Because more than ever, industry reports demonstrate that search is the primary method consumers use to find the businesses they will choose. Whether you are a B2B, B2C company, your customers and prospects, are turning to Internet search engines to find products, services and companies before making a call, visit or purchase.

If your site is not properly optimized, you are basically invisible to online prospects unless they know your exact web address. Because most people are using search engines to find the companies they will do business, it is through keywords that your site can appear on what are called natural rankings or organic listings. The most desirable placement is on page one of Google.com because Google drives the largest % of key word searches.

3. Websites optimized with the wrong keywords, or too few keywords rarely achieve top search engine rankings.

Why? Because search engine algorithms look at far more than meta data keywords. If a company is offering to optimize you for 10-12 keywords, it is likely that you are missing out on a very significant share of online traffic for your website.

Would you believe that EVERY business or organization we have worked with has had their site optimized for how THEY see their company, which did not align with the keyword search terms most often being used by their target audiences. This includes the websites of other search engine optimization specialists, agencies, public relations firms and marketing companies.

We use a method called “Long Tail SEO” which focuses on generating traffic via hundreds to many thousands of keywords and keyword phrases. Our method is proven and delivers improvement, even to websites previously search engine optimized, every time.

When properly researched and strategically positioned, key word search terms can be very targeted and successful in elevating website visibility to target audiences. It won’t matter if you drive millions of people to your website if not a single one is in the market for what you have to offer. SEO is successful only when you achieve high natural organic rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. Many SEO companies offer guaranteed #1 search rank performance.
What does search engine Google say about SEO firm #1 ranking guarantees?