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Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings, Conversion and ROI with PROVEN, “White Hat” SEO.

SEO is about more than achieving top search engine ranking. Strategic organic, on-page SEO Improves website search engine friendliness, improve search engine rank, reach qualified customers, promote clicks and conversion.

White Hat SEO

Our “White Hat SEO” methods are ethical and proven to improve website search engine visibility without putting your website at risk of being black-listed by Google or other search engines, which can happen whether you intend to trick the search engine deliberately, or are innocently using methods that Google has determined to be spammy or typical of efforts considered to be against best practices.

Portfolio of White Hat, Ethical, Marketing Driven SEO Services:

  • 15 Point Expert SEO Website Analysis.
  • SEO Design Review and SEO Design Optimization Consulting.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Site-wide.
  • Long Tail SEO Copywriting.
  • Competitive Search Positioning.
  • Website Usability.
  • Website Visitor Conversion and ROI.
  • SEO Monthly Analysis, Optimization, Search Engine Positioning Management & Reporting.
  • Search Engine Internet Marketing Campaign Creation, Optimization, Management & Reporting.
  • Internet Marketing Monthly Analysis, Management and Reporting.
  • SEO Website Optimization Training at Karner Blue Headquarters.
  • On-Site SEO Corporate Training of Your In-House Team and/or Vendors.
  • Educational SEO Training Seminars and Workshops.
  • Executive E-Business Strategy, ROI and Leadership Webinars
  • SEO publications, webinars and real-world reference materials.
  • Keyword Analysis, Search Engine Optimization Recommendations
  • Keyword Selection: SEO-ready keyword research to reach qualified audiences with the most relevant search engine keywords and phrases, according to your goals and market conditions.
  • SEO Site Map, Architecture and Content planning.
  • Search Engine Optimization of website multimedia assets, audio, video, demos, podcasts, speeches, etc.
  • SEO Tools and Resources.

It doesn’t matter if your website is large or small, static or dynamically driven, informational or e-commerce focused, targeting the local market, or selling across the US or even worldwide, our search engine optimization services WILL improve your natural, “organic” listings on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Karner Blue Marketing’s proven methodology, developed and continually developed by Rebecca Murtagh is built upon “white hat” practices developed from a professional marketing perspective, adhering to the most ethical standards of search engine optimization.

Why does ethical SEO matter? If you are perceived to be trying to trick or manipulate the search engines, you can be blacklisted, meaning your site could achieve  #1 ranking on Google, only to disappear (or be “blacklisted”) when Google updates their algorithm or they uncover what they perceive to be “spammy”  SEO methods and trickery, intentional or not.

Karner Blue Marking’s powerful, effective and cost efficient SEO solutions achieve and surpass client’s expectations because we approach each and every project through our proprietary method that is based on marketing principles.  MOST of our business comes from direct referral from satisfied clients. We invite you to read client SEO, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Testimonials.

Karner Blue Marketing is recognized for unique, innovative website, internet, search engine and social media marketing expertise. We have partnered with clients to help them leverage relationships with their internal teams, agencies, vendors and consultants to help them acheive immediate and long-term goals, hence the Karner Blue Marketing slogan;
Your Virtual Marketing Partner! “.

Driving traffic and clicks to your website doesn’t matter as much as bringing qualified visitors to your website that can be converted to customers.

The Karner Blue SEO method leverages extensive expertise in website design and development, copywriting and integrated marketing campains to implement a search engine marketing strategy unique to your business.

Much of our business comes by direct referral from satisfied clients.

  • Create and Leverage search engine optimized website assets as landing pages for search.
  • Differentiate your website and business from your competitors from the first click.
  • Attract QUALIFIED visitors to your website.
  • Convert website visitors to CUSTOMERS (because that is really what it is really about isn’t it!?).
  • Deliver measurable results!

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