Affordable, Low-Cost Programs Help Small Businesses Leverage Growing Relationship Between Social Media and Search Engines

SEO and Social Media are increasingly related.
You must engage, or risk being left behind and losing customers to your competitors.
The search engine and social media platform is tightly integrated and evolving quickly. If you are still sitting on the sidelines watching your competitors steal your share of search engine and social media traffic, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Affordable Search and Social Media Marketing Programs Make It Easy to Get Started

With search and social media, being in the game can be more important to ability to compete than spending months to build and deploy a strategy, hoping to “get it right”.

Karner Blue Marketing knows search and social media. We identified and tested the relationship between social media and search many months before Google, Yahoo and Bing announced their intent to use social participation and popularity to influence organic search engine results.

Proven Methods Deliver Results

It takes much more than building a website, Twitter profile and Facebook page to win new customers and realize bottom-line results to compete online. And, let’s face it, the internet has become the most effective and cost-efficient real-time medium to reach your customers, no matter what business you are in.

SEO and Your Business

SEO is more than sprinkling a few keywords throughout your site. Google uses over 200 factors, some of which are 50 qualifiers deep, to determine who will achieve top organic search engine ranking. We understand this better than most, which is why clients tap Karner Blue Marketing to help them leverage the talent of world-class agencies, website designers, website development and internal internet teams to help them leverage online assets to claim their share of organic search engine traffic.

With the introduction of Google’s real-time search, Google Instant, Google Instant Preview and relationship with social media, combined with the merge of Yahoo and Bing organic and paid search and announcement of how social media will influence search engine results, few businesses can afford NOT to make social media and search a top priority.

Choose from any of these low-cost SEO programs to make the most of your website, SEO and social media to compete for clicks, conversion and ROI.

  • Third-party website SEO Analysis
  • Website SEO Consulting – highly effective regardless of who designs or builds your website.
  • SEO Copywriting Training
  • SEO Copywriting & Continual Content Development

Social Media is driving real results to the bottom line for organizations leveraging the medium effectively. Problem is, most firms selling social media services don’t understand how it relates to Search Engines, and most people doing SEO aren’t very good at understanding or proactively integrating the importance of marketing in social media strategy and deployment.

Karner Blue Marketing is a marketing firm that continually identifies digital marketing trends early, tests theories before they are published, and develops programs to help businesses leverage the Internet to be competitive and grow their businesses.

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