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Social Media Marketing Strategy, Consulting & Services

The ever-changing social media landscape has captured the imagination of many marketers and small business owners.

As quickly as many small business owners and marketers are to jump on to social media, they are equally quick to admit that they really don’t know how they’ll turn followers, fans (now likes) and friends into customers.

Social Media Marketing demands the attention of every business.
Small Businesses can benefit social media marketing consulting services and optimization programs, if they have a solid strategy, the resources to invest in deployment, and the ability to measure and adapt to the ever-changing etiquette and unwritten rules of each individual social media platform.

Social Media and Real-Time Search – A Match Made in Heaven

Most PR and marketing firms selling social media services are great at creating Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Linkedin profiles. Yet, few understand how to build audiences, promote brand, and perhaps most importantly, leverage the indisputable relationship between social media and search engines. – Rebecca MurtaghGoogle Announces Real Time Search of Social Media, President of Karner Blue Marketing


What Real Time Search and Social Means to Your Business

Google announced at the end of 2009 that they “real time search” would target and favor social media. Later, Google anounced that they would be licensing Twitter updates. Then, Tweets became permanently archived, and available via Google Search, forever.

One of the most overlooked, and most powerful aspects of social media marketing is the relationship between social media and search. As a marketing firm that has specialized in SEO (search engine optmization), it was only natural for us to adapt quickly to develop social marketing methods that leverage social search.

There are 2 kinds of Social Search:

  1. Search on the Social Media Platform.
  2. Search on Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, including “real-time” Search

Proven Social Media Marketing Deliver Real Results

Anyone can experiment on social platforms. In fact, it can be fun and downright addictive to communicate with people on social media. However, if you are planning to leverage social media for your business, why would you approach this powerful medium any less seriously than SEO, Print, TV, Radio or PPC?
In the beginning, some of our SEO clients were skeptical of the social media marketing approach. They became quick believers when they saw their businesses grow…exponentially in a short period of time.

Social Media Can Deliver Real Results

If you are not growing qualified audience each and every week through your social media account, you are missing the boat…the one your customers are on. We know how to build loyal audiences for our social media clients. Not only can we build social influence, but as marketers, we understand the importance of leveraging those audiences to:

  • Promote visibility, clicks and conversion through social media accounts.
  • Optimize social media profiles and campaigns to improve search engine visiblity of your brand on search engines.
  • Leverage Google Search to build social media influence over time.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Grow audiences and build loyalty.
  • Build spheres of influence to leverage social networks.
  • Generate viral communications.
  • Deliver results that impact the bottom line.

Social Media Strategy

  • Define which social media platforms have audiences that represent your target audiences (customers!)
  • Create a “voice” for social media communications.
  • Manage brand to promote brand recognition and continuity.
  • Communications strategy to balance social conversation with search engine optimized updates and posts that improve visibility on Google and other search engines.
  • Define conversion goals…after all, it’s all about driving results!

Social Media Deployment

Once we have your Social Media Strategy in order, we will work with you to define:

  • Who will manage social media accounts?
  • What will they write about?
  • When will they post?
  • Where will they invest their time for best results?
  • Why should people choose to follow, friend or like?
  • How will you measure results?

Karner Blue Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Services are built around Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Our expert approach deploys a search engine sensitive balance between:

  • optimized broadcast communication
  • brand related communication
  • conversational communication

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