First I must say, I LOVE what I do. I am passionate about what I do for a living. In fact, I’ve been accused of being obsessed with growing my business over the past few years, which I am grateful (very grateful) to report is successful and quite rewarding!

Although only a part of our business focuses on SEO, there are SO MANY people claiming to be SEO experts that many businesses are unsure of whom to trust with the search engine optimization of their website. I do my best to educate and assist clients in getting the most from seasoned experts in the field by doing free seminars, as well as paid training, workshops and consulting for corporations, associations and entrepreneurs throughout North America and beyond.

I have certainly done my time. I’ve tested theories, been a practicing marketer for over 20+ years and in the internet biz for 13 years.  I’ve developed a historic perspective and working methodology after being actively involved in the e-business strategy, website planning, design, copywriting, promotion, advertising, search engine optimiztion, marketing, PPC advertising and longterm management of countless websites. (really, I haven’t even tried to count how many). I have led the development of $1million dollar sites as well as start-ups and consulted companies with every kind of static or dynamic site in between.

(this is not a commercial, there is a reason for me stating this I promise, please read on! : )As an expert judge for regional, national and international websites, internet advertising and integrated marketing competitions, I have first-hand exposure to websites and their performance data from around the world.


Over the years I’ve developed confidence in what I do and know based on metrics and performance. I live it each and every day and the metrics prove I know what I am doing…I, and my team, deliver results!

Having earned the respect of organizations, associations and clients aound the world as an expert in my field, I train C-level executives such as CEOs CMOs, CIOs, and profeesionals such as website architects, programmers, marketers and administrative assistants how to leverage their website to improve the bottom line.

My credentials are respectable enough to gain the business, yet once we get into the process, I am always shocked by the occasional client that resists the SEO process…wanting dilute it to what they’ve read or learned about in dribs and drabs.

Why am I sharing all of this you may wonder?
Because there really are professional, ethical search engine marketers out there…not just the SEO’s pushing the latest gimmick. Far too many gurus, marketers and yes, even clients underestimate the value of experience and the marketing perspective when it comes to effective search marketing.

Truth is,  the limited perspective gained from reading a few books and purchasing web, or even SEO services for a handful of websites is NOT enough in today’s complex internet landscape to define a strategy or challenge that of someone you chose and hired to assist you. Yet, there seem to be an increasing number of folks out there promoting how simple SEO is, when in fact, it is a truly complex, involved marketing channel, just as direct mail or email marketing can be.

What I wonder is why someone who admits they have limited knowledge would go through all the trouble to find and hire a consultant for services if they were going to undo all the work?

Chipping away at SEO when implemented as a methodology is like knitting a sweater, then pulling apart the yarn of a sweater from multiple directions…it is no longer a sweater, but rather a mere remnant of what it once was.

If you hired someone to build a house and decided to remove the roof and windows, would you blame the builder for the rain and wind coming in to the house? This is much like hiring an SEO consultant, or any consultant. Sure, there is always room for customization, challenge and some compromise. However, a reputable professional that has earned your business deserves your trust unless they give you reason to question their methods.

An Example:
Because search engines like Google are predominantly text crawlers, SEO should be text focused. Despite this basic rule, clients and marketers seem to feel compeled to challenge the rules of the search engines.

News flash: Your search engine marketing consultant has nothing to do with the way search engine algorithms process content and data on the internet. In fact, the sole purpose of ethical SEO’s is to assist you in appeasing the everchanging search engine landscape. They are putting YOUR best interest first when optimizing copy to encourage crawling, indexing and keyword visibility. In fact, be thankful if they ARE optimizing your content as most SEO’s won’t touch content!

Search Engine Optimization, when done properly, will optimize the site to sustain algorithm changes over time.

True search engine optimization requires a far more labor intensive effort than mere meta data or plugging in some keywords. In fact, Long Tail SEO has become the preferred SEO Copywriting method of choice for our SEO firm as it has proven itself to bring otherwise missed clicks by making the site more visible to prospects the way THEY are search the web.

I’ll step off my soap box for now, but leave with you this thought…if you believed enough in someone to entrust your business and pay them, why would you undermine their efforts? There is nothing to be won by any party when a site fails to reach it’s potential visbility on the search engines.

Trust and win I say! : )

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