Traditional media concepts of Reach and Frequency apply very well to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

I’ve been studying social media accounts for some time now and the similarity between broadcasting ontraditional media and social media platforms Twitter and Facebook:

  • Those who Update or Tweet often, get more Friends and Followers. (Reach)
  • Those who have more Friends and Followers, get more Replies, Mentions and are Retweeted (RT) more often. (Frequency)
  • The more often you receive Replies and RT’s, the more new People you reach, and the more Friends and Followers you acquire. (again, Reach)

Remember the Fabrege Organics Shampoo Commercial from the 1970’s? (I know, now I’m REALLY dating myself). This commercial provides a visual for WOMM (word of mouth marketing) that has sustained for decades. In fact, you can view it on YouTube:

Faberge 1970's Organic Shampoo Commercial Video You Tube
Faberge 1970’s Organic Shampoo Commercial Video You Tube
Promoting viral activity, or building a following of friends via
social media may not be as important to someone who is using social media to be, well social.
More on Viral Marketing and Social Media.

However, to the many hundreds of thousands of corporations, businesses and individuals using social media to develop relationships with customers, strategic partners, employees and employers, Reach and Frequency will play a  vital role in reaching target audiences in a meaningful way.
(meaningful = ROI)

Tips to To Promote Reach and Frequency Using Social Media:

  • Be True to Your Brand (whatever it is)
  • Post updates that are Relevant (create qualified audiences, even easier when you optimize social media updates)
  • Be Consistent (to build a following)
  • Be Diligent (update frequently)
  • Be Gracious (build relationships)
  • Sustain and Value 1 to 1 Relationships!

More on meaningful social media conversations to follow.

Will you Look at the Reach and Frequency of YOUR Social Media activity differently?

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