Algorithms…search engines are built upon them…SEO practitioners fear and study them…and inevitably, every person who touches the internet is affected by them.

Here are a few realities about search engine algorithms for those who don’t know and were afraid to ask…

1. Search engine algorithms are extremely sophisticated.
Ok, to brilliant mathematicians, geeky (I say with affection) programmers, and Google, Yahoo and search engine staff…algorithms are no mystery. However, over the many years we’ve been using search engines on the internet one thing is clear…it is not only difficult, but entirely accepted that it is hard to “crack the code” to insure rock solid, permanent top rankings on search engines.

What is an algorithm? One web resource calls algorithms: “step-by-step problem-solving procedures”…the same could be said about how SEO and internet marketing professionals approach search.

2. Algorithms change constantly.
It is a proven fact that SEO requires an ongoing effort because search engine algorithms change continually. As frustrating as this may be…the ultimate goal of the search engines is not to trip up the business owner and force them into investing time and money into search engine optimization and marketing services (much to the dismay of the conspiracy theorists) I frequently discuss this when presenting SEO seminars and classes and always see surprised faces. Search engine algorithms are designed to produce the best possible results to keyword searches by internet users…you and me. The frequent changes are required to prevent SEO spammers and black hat SEO practioners from unfairly hijacking search engine rankings with deceptive or unqualified results.

Think about it…when you do a keyword query on a search engine…you expect to find results to satisfy your request…with the most qualified results listed on the top.  It’s no surprise that so do your customers.

3. Algorithms are your friends.
Ok, you may think I’m crazy here, since algorithm changes can signficantly impact the position of your website in search engine results. However, if you are diligent in applying SEO to your website, algorithms can and will help you put your website in the path of potential customers.

Those who are successful enjoy top serch engine positions for keywords their customers are using, resulting in the lions share, an estimated 70% of search engine result clicks. Those who achieve top rankings reach new customers and sell more. Those who are not visible, lose those clicks and business to competitors.

4. Algorithms are here to stay.
Suffice to say that as sophisticated as the internet may seem to have become…we are only beginning to experience how the web will continue to impact our personal, business and social lives. If you own or run a business…the earlier you establish yourself on search engines, the better you are likely to fare over time. If you have not yet embarked on a search engine marketing strategy, recognize that time is money…and at some point you may find that you simply cannot remain competitive and profitable if you are losing new business to more aggressive (and search engine visible) competitors.

5. Love the algorithms.
As much as they confound and frustrate the professional SEO  practitioners like myself, algorithms make the internet go round. And, if you like a good mystery or enjoy a good challenge (I sure do!)…you’ll embrace the long term relationship you will have with search engine algoritms for a long time to come!

What about you…Do you love or hate search engine algorithms?

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