How important could speech video and audio be to your website?
Very important indeed, if the direction Google has taken with speech from YouTube videos is any indication.

Google Begins Indexing Video
In September 2008, Google Labs launched Gaudi to index speech on videos uploaded on You Tube during the 2009 Presidential Election to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Although Google stated that the scope of this Google “gadget” was restricted to the US election, they acknowledge that this is just  “first step”…as an “experiment platform where we can learn what features make the best user experience for people looking for spoken content on the Web.” Can the spoken word across the web be far behind?

Should Your Audio and Video be Search Friendly?
The audio, video, video blog or podcast featured on your website is as searchable as the text you write, today, even if it is not currently being weighted as much as the traditional components of SEO (meta data, content, links, etc.)… I am confident it is coming.

Most organizations do not consider optimization when generating audio or video content.

Predicting the Future of Seach Engine Optimized Video
If you read my post from Web 2.0 San Francisco last year, you may realize that I’ve predicted the indexing of verbal and video content for some time. In fact I’ve been asking people for months if they’ve search engine optimized their company video demos, testimonials, promotions, podcasts and audio voice-overs. They have been looking at me rather blankly, but chances are they are about to learn much more about this as search engine results begin to display video containing content relevant to specific keyword terms…even if that content was never intended to be indexed.

Search Engine Optimized Video could become the next great tool for the competitive marketer.
These developments indicate that the content of audio and video will become a more significant factor in search engine marketing, and the way we leverage it as SEO practitioners, marketers and businesses could mean having an upper hand, or being left behind in the dust.

SEO Audio and Video Content
Speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies havce existed for some time on the open market through companies like Voice Corp’s “
Podcaster” solution that enable conversion of an RSS Feed from blog to a podcast on the fly making it easy for you can listen to blogs like this one!

If you care about SEO for your website and business from a competitive rank and traffic perspective, you may already understand how multimedia such as audio and video can positively impact conversion rates.

How to Optimize Audio Video for Search

Now may be good time to review your audio, video and multimedia content on your website and out on the internet.

Will it serve your goals?
Is it optimized?

How will you integrate SEO with video, blog and audio for your business?

Need help optimizing an upcoming script, demo or podcast?
Contact an 
SEO content specialist and you’ll be well on your way!


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