Ok, I wasn’t exactly spying. I had a genuine interest in what the Network Solutions search engine marketing seminar presenter was going to say. I registered, under my own name and company email, so if the presenter reviewed the attendee list, I’m sure she knew I was there (and we are the area’s most recognized SEO and Internet Marketing Firm). In fact, I’m pretty sure of it, because the one time I raised my hand (and held it up)  the presenter refused to acknowledge my question! I wasn’t nearly as surprised as the other attendees around me who kept looking at me, then her to see if she was going to acknowledge me….She did not until I finally uttered my question when she took a breather. ( full disclosure, I wanted to get her thoughts about the Google Adobe approach to making flash movies more searchable…she dismissed it quickly with no discussion…hmmm)

Most of the information was basic SEO education. However, I was alarmed by a few things.

First,she was sending people to their website to pay $37. for submission services.  If you have ever attended one of my training classes or seminars, you know WHY I have a very strong opinion about website submission. (Hint: why would you pay for something Google tells you doesn’t improve your chances or timing of being indexed?!?)

Second,She told her audience that they don’t need keywords because Google doesn’t read them. That may or may not be true at this very second in SEO history. However, given the ever-changing algorithms of Google, can she guarantee that they will never be weighed in search engine ranking?  I think not! This is a terribly temporary position, creating high likelihood to fail over time.

Last, but not least…i realize many SEO’s practice in the same way. However I doubt the unsuspecting attendees and potential new clients in the room really didn’t understand that  Google Adwords resellers will not have the same goals in mind as an organic SEO specialist, or the company itself. Keep in mind, the more  pay per click campaigns they sell, and the more of their client’s money they spend, the more they make. So, by hiring an Adwords Reseller, you should be aware that you are hiring someone who has an alterior motive in the search engine and PPC recommendations they make to you….they have more to gain financially when they get you to spend more with Google.

For the record, neither I or Karner Blue Marketing have a financial interest in Google Adwords. We ALWAYS put the best interest of our clients FIRST, ALWAYS. We take pride in providing white hat, ethical SEO services to our clients of every size.

Anything here surprise you?   I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “SEO Spies at Local Network Solutions Search Engine Marketing Seminar

  1. Hi,
    My name is Connie and I work at Network Solutions. I’m surprised! It’s odd to hear that our presenter didn’t engage. That’s too bad, as we want to participate in the larger community, and I certainly hope that you will look at this as an individual matter as opposed to a company approach. If you share your question here, I will get an answer for you. Please email me at smedia@networksolutions.com

  2. This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  3. Dear Connie,
    The question was clearly stated in the article. I am sure that by reading it again it will be clear. It was about making Google Adobe movies being made more searchable.

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