Twitter Enhanced Profile Pages for Brands and BusinessesTwitter Launches Limited Release
of Branded Pages for Advertisers

Twitter has just launched a new design, features and “Enhanced Profile Pages” for twenty elite brands with new functionality, presumably to go head to head with Facebook and Google+ Pages. But, the release isn’t available, or seemingly intended, for any old brand, and for Advertisers more than Marketers, as being promoted by some.

Twitter Enhanced Profile Pages Feature “Promoted Tweets”

Twitter’s “enhanced” pages for brands are being presented under Twitter Advertising, so it makes perfect sense that they have elected to work with a handful of their advertisers to launch branded profiles. Viewing these enhanced Twitter profiles will require use of the “New Twitter“. The brand will enjoy enhanced features, such as a more brandable graphical page, the ability to post a “promoted tweet” (paid of course), and feature embedded video and more. 

Wondering what a Promoted Tweet is? Learn more about Promoted Tweets.

Twitter’s introduction of branded pages begins with 21 brands, each of which has established a long-term relationship as a strategic partner or advertiser. Twitter says a “broader rollout coming soon”.

21 Twitter Advertiser Profile Pages Released With Twitter’s Announcement 

Twenty-one brands were included in Twitter’s announcement introducing enhanced profiles.

American Express
Best Buy
General Electric
Paramount Pictures: “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”
Verizon Communications Wireless
NYSE Euronext

Note, the inclusion of Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine.
Perhaps a little pay-back for the failed Google-Twitter failed “real time search” relationship?
We digress…back to the topic at hand…
Let’s see how this unfolds…
Will Twitter Enhanced Profiles Shift the landscape of Twitter for smaller brands and businesses that do not sponsor tweets to pay to enhance their profiles?
Only time will tell.

What do you think of Twitter Enhanced Profile Pages?

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